Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just got back from Kota Kinabalu a couple of hours ago.

Cilakaknye, banyak sales but my budget sik cukup. I wonder what did i blow my previous month's salary on? Regrets, regrets.

Anyhows...I GOT INTO KPLI!!! WOOHOO!!! I surfed the Ministry of Education's website as early as 5am using my mobile phone after waking up to go pee. So I'll be registering for the course on the 14th of next month at IPS in Miri.

Friday, December 14, 2007

That time of the year

No, I don't mean Christmas.

I'm talking aboout Manchester United vs Liverpool. The big game will be on Sunday night at Anfield. As a devout and extreme United fan, this is the fixture you look forward to whenever the season fixtures are released. And this season's fixture couldn't have come at a better time, about a week before Christmas. The rivalry is so huge and intense that the result of the match could either make or break your week, depending which side you are rooting for.

For myself, this game could influence my mood for the following week. On the 19th, I will know whether I have successfully enter the KPLI programme. So I'm hoping for positive results for both events.

This weekend's match will be really big compared to those for the past couple of seasons. Liverpool in all its stinkiness, looks to be a more formidable this season with Torres upfront. Torres, how I have dreamt and fantasized about him joining United before he broke my heart. No, I'm not gay, I'm just a football fanatic, so mind the corny language.

As a team, I don't really know how good they are because I don't watch Liverpool games, they are mostly too dull to endure.

On the other hand, I am confident that United will be able to triumph if not match the Scousers on Sunday. In Hargreaves, I have never seen such a dynamic midfielder who has tremendous energy, physical presence and decent technique in a United shirt for some time. With him and Anderson, they will be more than a match for Stevie G in that potential midfield battle. Talking about Anderson, I just love that kid. He had a poor start to his Old Trafford career, but the Wigan game seemed to be the turnaround. His performances has been so consistently good that I don't miss Scholesy.

At the back, we're very solid with the Vidic and Rio partnership. Both very quick centerbacks who are also very comfortable with the ball. Upfront, we have the Trinity of Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez, good enough to take on the world's best defences to say the very least.
As for my prediction, like Ndru I would say it will be a very close game, with United winning 3-1.

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's been a really long time since I've last crapped here. Procrastinated as always. Well today I thought I better write something before I embark on a sleepfest, which happens every Friday afternoon til night.

Anyhows, today also marked the end of the 4th School Examinations. So it comes the time where my eyes will be strained reading the hundred or so essays.

I bought myself a laptop. A Dell Inspiron 1520 to be exact. Very nice specs at a very reasonable if not low price. It will arrive next week, YAYS! And that purchase was made possible by cutting "budget allocations" for other purposes LOL.

I've been sick for the whole week, sucks.

Peace out peoples!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sue me?

Yesterday I had a class with 2E in the 3rd and 4th periods, the class thats all talk, literally. They don't just talk alot, but when they do it they seem to wanna let the other classes know. For the boys, if they aren't talking, they'll be sleeping.

So there's this boy, we'll call him C. He is a sleeping machine. Together with boy A, they ought to be the undisputed sleeping kings in class. However, boy A usually finishes his exercise before dozing off. As for boy C, I don't really remember ever having a conversation with him. When I'm teaching, he's sleeping. When the rest are doing their exercise, he's in paradise.

Yesterday's weather was pretty chilly and gloomy with a little drizzle. You'd expect half the class to be dozing off. But everybody was looking pretty energetic when I came in. Boy C was alive and arm wrestling with some of the boys. So I chided him that since he was full of energy that day, I expect him to copy down the literature notes that I'd be writing on the board. If he was to fall asleep, "Saya ketuk palak nanti."

So after giving 2 chapters of notes, I turned around to see boy C in his usual posture, head on the table, sleeping. So as I was walking over, his buddies were trying to wake him up to no avail. Standing right beside him, he woke up and looked up at me for a second and went back to sleep. So I "tepuk" his back once. Nothing. Another "tepuk". The dude woke up, looked in front for a while and went back to his sleeping posture. So what the heck, 2 more "tepuks", to which he raised his arm pushing my hand away.

Boy C then said in Iban, something like "Stupid, why hit people, so nice already i sleep." Maybe the little thought I do not understand the language. Bad call. So I told him nicely of course, "Itu bukan pukul, itu supaya kamu terbangun la." He went on in Iban, "Stupid, that was painful." (Notice that he mentioned 'Stupid' twice, or to be exact "Belik", which is Iban for stupid la.)

Me: Aiks?! Pandai pulak kamu complain.

Boy C: Sakit bah! Kalau mau bangun orang, cubalah picit-picit.

Me: *WTF* Macam lah saya tidak pernah buat macam itu dulu dengan kamu. Awal-awal tadi sudah saya warning yang saya tidak mau tengok kamu tidur. Sudahlah satu perkataan pun tidak salin.

Boy C went on about picit-picit.

Me: Ah, siapa suruh kamu ni lembik.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh the weekend..i can see it from here

First of all I would like to express my sadness and anger on the death of little Nurin. The description on how she looked like when they found her, was sickening to the stomach to say the least. To her parents, my deepest condolences and *censored* you too for being outrageously irresponsible. SHOCKING! They sent their own daughter to her death. And eventually, dragged the education system into the mess. Our PM now wants a single-session system for all schools. I would probably be drained if that was to happen now. I mean, with mental torture already in place from 7 am to 12.40 pm, you gotta endure another 3 hours or so of physical endurance. Woohoo!

Had a chat with my 2F boys today during the last 2 periods. They asked me stuff about myself. I talked about college life. Movies. How to improve one's English in a less dull way. And ultimately, why they should always tuck-in their school uniform.

I told them I understand partly why they like to leave their shirts out. To look cool. The rocker image etc. They questioned why should there be a rule to disallow them from doing so. So I picked a boy who was in a total mess and called him upfront to be a prop. Then I told him to tuck in his shirt, which he did. I asked the boys whether he looked less crappy. They all thought so. I also added, the combination of colours of their uniform doesn't look good when they leave their shirt out. Which was partly horsesh*t :p.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Poslaju guys came and gave me this!

Yeah baby yeah! (the Austin Powers way). Finally I am a proud owner of this sexy thang! Next, the 07-08 Manchester United Home Kit!

It's back to school tomorrow. I guess I don't really dread the idea these days. Even if I have to wake up before 5.25 am every weekday. Check-in just before 6.45 am almost every weekday, no matter how early I get in the car. Somebody's probably fixing my schedule without me knowing. School's fun. My desk and seat aren't the cosiest, not to mention my view. Canteen's more than 100 meters away, and when you get there you don't have the luxury of even a fan to keep you cool. The kids can be such pain in the arse, they being ignorant and arrogant when your're trying to help them. What the heck, I don't even know where I'm going with this piece.

I miss my buddies. Money ain't nothing without them to share it with.

Anyhows, here's a random conversation I had with a student.

Me: Mackinney, why did you write these as your answers?

Mackinney: Why? What's wrong, sir?

Me: All the answers can be found easily in the passage. I want you to redo this exercise. And read the passage for the answers.

Mackinney: But teacher, my answers, itu semua dari hati saya.

So how was everyone's weekend? Not too bad I hope. Well wish you guys a wonderful week ahead.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does whatever a Spiderpig does. Can he swing, from a web? Not he can't, he's a pig...LOOK OUT! Here comes the Spiderpiggg.

It was in the news a couple of days ago. Not spiderpigs. But a standoff between alleged illegal pig farmers and the authorities.

Spiderpig....damn I love The Simpsons!

Grandad, he's in great spirits and good shape. You won't have imagined he was awfully sick in the hospital bed some weeks ago. His smile says it all. In fact, I think he's never looked as good looking as before! LoL

Anyhows, it's the end of a hectic week for me. Have been awfully busy with schoolwork that I forgot how it felt to have a decent evening nap, let alone a wonderful goodnight's sleep. Was so deprived of sleep that during my free periods spent in the staffroom, I've had to fight off the urge to fall asleep.

There was one instant, where I just closed my eyes, and *poof* I went straight to dreamland! Right at my desk! I think it lasted only for a few seconds, because I woke up as my body was slowly tilting into empty space.

For once, I actually wished I had a full daily schedule for that week. Being caught sleeping at work would definitely give me a bad rep. Even worse if I would snore. God have mercy on my colleagues if that would happen.

In fact, I think the staffroom setting didn't help as well. Unlike my time at SMK Kubong where we had cubicles, it's open here, as you can see in the picture. And to make matters worse, I have a crappy view from my seat.

So on Friday afternoon, I took a well deserved nap. I think the word "Nap" is an understatement. I dozed off by 3pm, and woke up sometime around 9.30 at night HaHaHa.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Take me away

It's 5 minutes after 5 in the evening. I just woke up from an almost 2 hours nap :) . Finally I have no exam papers to mark and most importantly my exam analysis etc is done and dusted! That is why I can afford the luxury of some sleeping time. So finally today, I can get on with real teaching in the classrooms.

There are just so many things to write about actually.

I finally have some identity on me now. I've got a new driving license for starters. But it bloody cost me RM 50. 20 bucks worth of fine, and the rest for a 1 year renewal. earlier my wallet was already 30 bucks lighter when I went to apply for a new IC. To help myself feel good, I keep reminding myself its all worth it. I mean, finally I will look different on my IC. A more decent, nice guy look. No more paikia aka samseng photo lookalike. So I guess God has answered an unprayed prayer. If I had not lost my wallet, I would not be getting a new IC. HaHa.

Talking about God, I think I have given everything unto Him. I mean, I have put my complete trust and faith in Him regarding what I do, what I will do, what will happen etc. It feels good. I have no more worries about what would happen in the future. My hopes and my dreams, I commit unto Him. He da Man!

I miss playing badminton. Haven't been playing for almost a month now. Gonna go this Friday. Hopefully they're still playing lah.

Also I would like to take this time to welcome a new addition to the Yeo family. No I did not get married. Zephyr Yeo, newborn son of my cousin Jeremy & dearest wife Leonora. Who next? HeHe

I've just downloaded an excellent rip of The Simpsons Movie.

This is my little cousin Litad. My mom's namesake. She turned 3 in April. This picture was taken last year when she was still 2. She reminds me of Maggie from The Simpsons hahaha. I can say that Litad is my cutest..most adorable cousin!

Can't wait for the weekend to arrive! Sleepfest! As a matter of fact, I've already set plans to sleep the whole evening tomorrow ngehehee.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Merdeka Eve

Grandpa Kong-kong is so much better. He was discharged from the hospital last week, and we had a thanksgiving dinner to celebrate his homecoming. Today he looks like the good ol' Kong. His legs are still weak, but at least he can now move around the house better, even without the walking support thingy. God is good.

I FINALLY made a police report regarding my lost wallet yesterday afternoon after school. I've never made a police report or anything before, so I was abit excited also lah. Upon entering, I was attended to immediately by a friendly police officer. Turned out making a report ain't much fuss as I had expected. So I would like to thank Lance Corporal Freddy Peter for his pleasant service. Today I went to JPN to apply for a new IC...and had to fork out RM 30 for the fees, dammit! I did not have enough left to get a new driving license from JPJ. Well, at least I have some identity now LOL.

School. It has been a hectic week. Working double-time to finish marking the exam papers of 6 classes. Mission completed lastnight. Tonight we'll be having the Ambang Kemerdekaan celebration at the school hall. I must say the teachers here memang bersemangat kemerdekaan yang tinggi. So bersemangat that I feel left out LOL.

Merdeka. Tomorrow will be the nation's 50th year of independence. Are we really there yet?

Happy Merdeka peoples

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Picture of the Week

When all else fail, read the manual

Sticking onto Nothing

Grandpa "Kong-Kong" suffered from some complications on Friday. It was real bad I heard. I wasn't there then. But thank God he's getting better already. Everyone's been encouraging him, including the doctors. Kong just needs to have that will power to go on. Hopefully he's getting on to that now.

My other grandad, Grandpa "Ipu Balang" is also sick. He's going to Miri to see the specialist. Whether to proceed with the operation or not, we will know soon. Sigh.

My tonsil's been bugging me all week, though not as shitty as it was last year, but still annoying. And now I can't find my wallet. Either I misplaced it somewhere around the house or it slipped onto the car's floor which later dropped off the car when the door was opened. Today I conducted a SAR Ops in my bedroom and living room, but it was nowhere to be found. So it is highly possible that it's somewhere out there. Probably on the road, at the edge of a drain, lying on green grass, covered with sand, soaked by the rain.... I don't know. Probably some dude found it and kept it to himself. Nothing much in it. A Rm 1 note (see how broke I am), Identity Card, Driving License, ATM Card, discount card, some name cards and receipts. If someone had found it, I really expect him/her to return it.

Why. I only have a buck in it. My MyKad is screwed. My driving license expires in 3 months. My ATM card is worthless, I only have Rm 6.17 in my account. Discount card is useless in this part of the country. I just don't want to go through the hassles of reporting the loss of all those things and getting new ones. I don't want no bureaucratic bullshit! And most importantly, I want to cash my paycheck peace.

Strange, my irritating tonsils and missing wallet creeps into my mind now and then, but sometimes I forget about them. I just can't stop thinking about both my grandads.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dum spiro, spero

I'm sick, have been sick for sometime now. Mom's sick. Grandad's really sick. No more fever and annoying flu for me, but am starting to cough on a more regular basis. Went to see the MA yesterday after speding sometime with Grandpa. My Dad's giving tuition to his son. MA gave me kick-ass medications compared to the ones given by the MA that examined me last week.

When I was with Grandpa this afternoon, Dr Yap came by and said the test reports showed good signs and they will be doing some more stuff to validate the results. And also I would like to thank him for the 2 days sick leave last week :p. I knew I put him in a difficult position when i asked for 2 days. He was like, "2 days ah?" "2 days...." "i dont normally give 2 days you know" "you want 2 days..." "2 days...." "i'm sick myself and only had 1 day off" "hmmmmm..." "2 days..." "but i guess it's more difficult being a teacher right" *fills in my sick leave*. A doctor friend is pretty handy I must say :p.

Back to Grandpa, he had his first ever ambulance ride on Sunday. I guess it kinda shocked my aunts & uncles when the helper told them something about him being carried to the ambulance. It wasn't an emergency situation. Grandpa had been feeling really weak since Saturday, especially his legs. Even by helping to support him walk was a tough task for me and Dad as he was heavier. So Dad asked my aunt Marianne, who's a nurse whether we could request an ambulance for such case. She said it would not be a problem and better still, it's FOC as Grandpa is a pensioner. So the ambulance came and Grandpa was comfortably stretchered downstairs.

Onto school matters. I arrived during exam week. A good thing for me to bed in, but i found out later it was sucky at times. Turned out, the teacher I was replacing was also a GSTT. And she had some work left undone, and gave me the honor to finish them. The question papers she prepared were behind schedule due to some "technical problems". So to cut the story short, yesterday morning was chaotic in the distribution of my question papers. I had not put down the names of the teachers responsible in invigilating the papers (I partly blame the teachers who went home on time the day before and the lack of written information available). And I had also forgot to attach the OMR answer sheets. I thought this was the biggest screw up in the school's PKS 3, until 'disaster' struck again, this time even a bigger pile of sh*t. It somehow made me feel better, even more so as it was the Head of the English Dept's mess :p.

Last Friday when I reported for duty was also the first time I set foot in the school. It was actually smaller than I had imagined. There were only 2 blocks of classrooms, 1 block for labs and then the administrative block which houses a cramped faculty room. The faculty room is just average in terms of comfort, and that's a compliment! I particularly dislike the seating arrangements. The teachers' tables are set classroom style, with rows and columns facing 1 direction. I was also surprised that due to limited classrooms, some forms had to take up buildings that were meant for other purposes. The most surprising was a class that was set up on the ground floor of a staff quarters. One element I find missing there are "jokers". Back in the previous school where I taught, there were always people who had something to say that would crack up the others.

I probably sound like I'm complaining haha. But I'm adapting. I just wish this cough would be gone real soon.

Looking forward to a nice weekend.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

down with the sickness

I'm very sick. Not the chronic type lah. Flu, slight fever and a sorethroat. The complete package. I've been sick since Saturday but it became worse day by day. I hope today (Tuesday) there will be some improvements.

Anyhows, yesterday I had my KPLI interview. Me & Dad started our journey from Limbang on a Sunday evening around 4.30pm. The timing was a big mistake. When we arrived at the Tedungan-Kuala Lurah border around 5pm, the queue was about a kilometer long and very slow moving! We got held up for almost 2 1/2 hours at the border. Brunei Immigration sucks!

So we arrived in Miri city just before 10pm. My interview was supposed to start at 8 the next morning, but I still had to complete my Borang Pernyataan Hasrat. There are 3 questions: 1) Why do you choose teaching as a profession. 2) State your experience in teaching. 3) If chosen, what will you contribute to the teaching field. I finally went to bed after 12.30am. Supposed to wake up at 6 but i didn't hear my alarm, and my Dad's alarm did not go off too. So we were up 20 mins late.

So I finally arrived at Maktab Perguruan Sarawak 10 minutes before 8am. When I got there, they were just starting to prepare the place for the interview, dammit! All the rush for nothing. There were supposed to be 6 candidates for the 8am slot, but 1 didn't turn up. So the 5 of us then sat for a table test, 30mins essay writing. After that we were told to wait in the hall while the interviewers do their stuff in the room. I thank God those 4 other candidates were the nice types. We got to know each other, joking etc. Alu sik nervous agik lekak ya. The next activity, we were to go through a group discussion, on the lack of civic-consciousness among students in schools for 30mins. No problems, nobody monopolized the discussion, everyone got their fair share. Perhaps the "bonding" thing worked haha.

Later on came the final stage, the individual interview. And I was the last one. The interview was pleasant to say the least. Formal of course but in a very relaxed atmosphere. I wasn't asked any general knowledge questions, which is cool. They mainly asked about my experience in teaching, the challenges I faced, the best moment etc. They then excused me, my hand was already holding the door knob when the chief interviewer called me again.

Chief: Benjamin, I must say that I'm impressed. Your English is very good!

Me: Oh, thank you madam.

Chief: So tell me Benjamin, how does a boy, born & raised in Limbang (i specifically said "born & raised" at the beginning of the interview when they asked me about myself) have a very good command of English?

Me: *still standing at the door* Well...

2nd Interviewer: Sit down Benjamin

Chief: Yes, come take a seat again. So, tell us...

Me: Television

Of course I mentioned other stuff like reading etc, not to mention both my parents are English teachers. It went on for a couple more minutes and then I was excused, but somehow I had forgotten to showed them my original IC, and they too forgot to ask me for that. So again my exit was delayed. I gave the chief my IC, she took a look and told me to state my IC number. With the birthdate, state code and 4 unique numbers. I did so, and remarked "Teacher's Day" at the end. Yes I was born on May 16. She smiled. Her smile was, I dunno. It was like a sign. Unless she was just mucking around with me haha. Will just have to wait til December 19.

I'll be teaching again tomorrow, at a secondary school. I hope i feel much better later today. Else might ask for MC.

Monday, July 30, 2007


If the government were to proceed in requiring bloggers to register, I am definitely going to myself as a voter for general elections man. But realistically I doubt this can actually be done lah. Though a statement of the deputy minister concerned is rather amusing.

Asking bloggers to register with the government is not the same as censorship, Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said yesterday. Perhaps aware of the criticism heaped on him in cyberspace after he announced the possibility in parliament on Wednesday, Shaziman was at pains to explain what he meant. "I only said ‘maybe’ we would do it (registration). I never said ‘censor’," he told reporters after launching PosLaju’s "Putrajaya Express", a same-day delivery courier service to the city and Cyberjaya. "We just want to know the number of bloggers, how many are active, how often they update their websites, and what kind of info is posted. It has nothing to do with censoring."

So if it's not about censorship, would they be interested in reading my dull blog? So these people would actually want to know what we do in life? What happened to us the day before? The latest gadgets we bought? A review of a pathetic movie?

Like what Marina Mahathir mentioned, our politicians don't know sh*t about blogging.

Okay so this will be my last say on this politicians vs bloggers thingy.

I'm starting to fall sick, i can see it coming. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I will have flu and a slight fever.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blog War

If politics brings you boredom that could be fatal to you, I suggest you stop reading at this point and view my photo gallery in the link provided on the right. But honestly, it's not about liking politics or otherwise, it's about being sensitive and conscious on the things going on that could have a huge impact on our lives as ordinary Malaysians.
Yep, any issue-sensitive Malaysian would know what's going on lately. The main governing component party is "at war" with bloggers. So for the past couple of days I've been surfing a number of blogs and websites. I came upon the website of Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO, and this particular post caught my attention. After you have read that, now read the blog mentioned in that post here. What do you think? I've asked a couple of Muslim buddies about this and they thought it's nothing really. It's all political man!
I'm not gonna write more here, else might get myself in trouble :p. For the record, I'm not a member of any Opposition Party, not affiliated in any way. Nor am I a supporter of BN. I have no political affiliations.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


If you have played the PC Game FEAR, it's an awesome game!

On a heavier note, lately there have been a lot being said by those in power about bloggers. Politicians have been ruffled by some of the things written in blogs. Some of them have suggested and warned that action be taken against these bloggers.

I smell fear.

My allegiance is to King & Country. Not the hypocrites that make up our politicians!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lamak sik update blog (Long no update blog)

Have you ever been so hungry that you did not want to eat?

Yeah, me neither.

I woke up pretty late today, at about 12.30 in the afternoon. I actually woke up much earlier, but I felt it was too early so I went back to sleep hee hee. But before you slack me off, I went to bed just before 5am okay? It was partly the coffee's fault, power man! Speaking of which, I've "formulated" a "hybrid" coffee that kicks ass! I am a coffee addict. And I live in a small town where top-notch "coffee infrastructure" such as your Starbucks etc is non-existent. So one could only be content with the various 3-in-1s, 5-in-1s of Nescafe, Ali cafe etc apart from the coffee shops. And so far, none of the shops here serve a wonderful cup/mug of coffee.
Having the experience of living away from home, having to prepare my own meals at times, with limited financial resources, I am very familiar with 2 these important words: "Modify, Improvise". So with that philosophy deeply ingrained in my mentality, I as I mentioned earlier, "formulated" a kick ass mug of coffee. If I could be vain in anything, it would be my F&B skills, even if it's actually closer to crap. But I'll just share this one with you:

What you need:
1 sachet of Ali Cafe (the one with sugar)

1 sachet of Nescafe or Ali Cafe (without sugar) note: I'd recommend Nescafe

1 tea spoon of Milo

2 tea spoons of milk powder (I think any milk powder would do, I used my mum's Anlene :p)

You know the drill lah. And I think it doesn't matter which one you put in first. But strangely I mixed mine in the order above. Served hot or cold. The above is recommended for 1 serving only (if you are using a mug).

Note: I strongly suggest you use the brands I've mentioned, except for the milk powder. You could probably try using other brands if those aren't available.

I hope you will like it. I love it! I think you'll love it. If you think it's crap, maybe you missed an important step in preparing it. Or you just don't have it in you as a coffee maker.

PS: I was really annoyed by a man driving a van this afternoon. I had side parked the car initially so that my grandad would have an easier time going to the pharmacy. When we were about to leave, I turned on the signal to indicate I was going out. But a van came from behind, so I had to let it pass first before I could turn into the street. But the bugger stopped his van at our side but abit to the front, right in the middle of the lane, thus blocking our way. If I was alone, I would have cursed. It's not that I'm being impatient. But the van driver was being totally unreasonable and incinsiderate. So what if he's stopping there just for a couple of minutes, he could have parked the van infront of us as there was more than ample space. To make matters worse, he didnt even had his signal light on, and you should know that people who do not give a damn about switching on their signal lights is a pain in my ass.

The reason why not all stupid & dumb motorists have had an accident or get killed is because there are smart & wise ones.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

As usual I was online lastnight until 4 in the morning. Hanging around in Yahoo Messenger with a couple of my buddies. Listening/Reading Bifi's lamentations or insecurities about his gayness and helping Jerome abit with his presentation preparation. At the same time past midnught, I kept going to the Ministry of Education's website every 20 minutes or so to check if the results have been released. But when it was already 4am, I thought the Ministry would only update the website during office hours.
So I passed the KPLI MTest...
WOOHOO!!! Yeah God is indeed merciful and true. The Man!
So the interview will be held on the 6th of next month, so I still a couple weeks to read up on stuff. And the good news is that those who applied for English will be interview totally in English, now thats a relief! On the flipside however, I might have to miss the English Football season opener, the Community Shield between Man Utd & Chelsea which is on the 5th, at 11pm. DANG!

PS: Screw the Premier League on trying to block Tevez's move to Man Utd!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Malaysian Football: Still no light at the end of the tunnel

Alright, does anybody care about our local football scene?
Yes I am a self-confessed Manchester United fanatic. But as a quote I once came upon years ago goes something like this, "A true football fan will always support his home tea." Home team meaning your local team." I believe in this. No matter how sh*tty your local team is, its your team, man. While I'm not much of a Sarawak FA fanatic as I am a Devil, I still follow the team. I'm happy when they win, disappointed when they lose. I keep up with the team news. Proud to be Sarawakian.
Okay when I went on NST's site earlier, I found out our National U-20 team was thrashed in their tour of Thailand. That sucks, really. I may have second thoughts being proud of this country at times, but I still support our national team. Anyways, as i read on, I came across a statement by the FAM Deputy President himself, the son of the Sultan of Pahang, regarding those thrashings.
The squad, coached by FA of Malaysia technical director Robert Alberts, was thrashed 8-0 and 5-0 respectively by Osotspa FC and Thailand International University in a playing tour of Thailand and the FAM is shocked.
FAM deputy president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah said: "I am shocked and Robert should be held resposible for these defeats."
I sympathize with Coach Alberts. But this isn't surprising. Nothing new. This is FAM. Always looking for a scapegoat. Always looking for someone to blame. Everytime the National team fails, it is the coach that gets the stick. Even more if the coach was a foreigner. Then they'll say local coaches can do as good if not better than foreign coaches. But then the pressure on foreign coaches are always higher and to some extent unreasonable. Just like feminists :p.
And if you are in the FAM hierarchy, you automatically get the privillege of blaming others when the National team screws up, the coach being the most convenient, heck you could probably even blame the FAM bus driver who drives the team bus. And the only people that would not be blamed is you and your fellow administrators and big wigs. The Secretary General, the Vice President and the President. Nobody blames them. Which is just understandable. How could the coach issue a press statement blaming the President? He'll definitely be given the boot.
FAM has been amusing and annoying Malaysians football fans for a long long time. It is a joke. A body that is run by clowns and jokers. Amateurs. In fact they should change their name from Football Association of Malaysia to Forever Amateur Management. Unless a complete overhaul of the leadership & administration happens, we'd be in the tunnel for a long run.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm blogging on a Monday...again.

What's with me and Mondays? No idea

I had ice-cream this afternoon. Nestle's something-stick with Tiramisu flavour. Good value for the Rm1.20 though. Weather was fairly humid today.

Was supposed to go jogging, but somehow I got stuck editing FM 2007. Even the Editor is addictive, damn.

The KPLI Mtest results will be out tomorrow. Bit nervous about that. But with God's grace, everything will be smooth, I'm holding on to that in my nervous-ness. LOL

Peace out

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Empty Conversations

A random conversation on Yahoo Messenger that I had with my mate Bifi aka Fifie (still chatting at time of writing) He's dio_kereen. Here goes:

siR doNkey: having soda susu

dio_kereen: why?

siR doNkey: just wanna try

dio_kereen: owh...

dio_kereen: is it good?

dio_kereen: is it make u feel like 'high' heels?

siR doNkey: i dunno abt d high heels part

siR doNkey: but it is good

siR doNkey: isnt it an indonesian invention?

siR doNkey: abit like fantasi tat u order at point one

dio_kereen: yaya

dio_kereen: i know that

dio_kereen: but its cannot make high heel
siR doNkey: does it know u?
dio_kereen: yeah
dio_kereen: we're familiar with each other

siR doNkey: cool

siR doNkey: now we're same gang

dio_kereen: a kind of family connection la

siR doNkey: really?

dio_kereen: yeah

siR doNkey: ur mum or dad's side?

dio_kereen: my stepfather one

siR doNkey: oh

dio_kereen: did i mention u that my stepfather is a man?

siR doNkey: nope

siR doNkey: tats interesting

siR doNkey: how long has ur stepfather been a man?

dio_kereen: its been a while...

siR doNkey: how did ur mum react?

dio_kereen: just sometimes he changes to woman or half if he feel kind of want it

siR doNkey: so its a self-controlled sex change

dio_kereen: yeah

dio_kereen: he some how can transform into a different person...

dio_kereen: u know what

siR doNkey: what

dio_kereen: when my stepfather and my mum make out to create me

dio_kereen: my stepfather use saifu apek face...

siR doNkey: damn

dio_kereen: yeah

siR doNkey: but how come ur face like silvestre?

dio_kereen: now u know why my face like this right?

dio_kereen: is it?

siR doNkey: ur face isnt like saiful apek

dio_kereen: not my face man

dio_kereen: mystepfather face...

dio_kereen: its not his real face one

siR doNkey: damn its very complicated

dio_kereen: he just made itthat way

dio_kereen: my stepfather

dio_kereen: he is differet...

dio_kereen: he is the special one...

siR doNkey: when he is a woman..what do call him?

dio_kereen: now he do research in India with Dr.Mohindar Suresh..

siR doNkey: I know that doctor

dio_kereen: do u know Dr.Mohindar Suresh?

siR doNkey: from clinic khaira rite? near Bcb

dio_kereen: khaira?

dio_kereen: ya ya

dio_kereen: kind of that

siR doNkey: cool man

Amazing how such conversation can go on.

Monday, June 18, 2007

It's Monday again...

It banjir-ed again in school this morning, on my last day. Which meant no classes the Year 1 & 2 kids, damn. On any other day, like last Monday it would have been a cool thing, having only 1 period with Year 5 for the whole day. But today was my last day, I wanted to have class with them little buggers for the last time, even if they piss me off, as usual. Oh well, so now I'm waiting for the call from my previous school should the English teacher post is still vacant. There's actually a vacant post at my mum's school starting today. Mum & her colleague asked if I was interested. But then I would be teaching Bahasa Malaysia, which is something I would really suck at. I mean, I don't even know what ayat majmuk or ayat tunggal means. And being colleagues with one of your parents is not a cool thing, not that they're not cool, it's just weird HaHa.

I finally got my Surat Pengiktirafan Kelayakan from JPA last Friday. As promised they Pos Laju-ed it, not that it was urgent, but I needed it to get my salary from my previous teaching stint processed, else they'd be paying me the SPM scale, and that's a huge difference from a graduate scale, probably around Rm 1,000 per month!! And you are right Andee those guys/gals at JPA do have a strange system. I called last Thursday evening to ask about my letter again, and told the person on the line that I was previously told my letter is done, just waiting for the officer to sign it. But when I told them this, they were kinda surprised, and they were asking each other about the status of my application in the background. Finally they forwarded my call to a superior, who told me that actually there's no letter yet as my application is still under consideration (Dammit, means I kenak bulak lah when I called previously). I told her I kinda need the letter next week, so she said they will send it by Pos Laju.

I slept for almost 5 hours earlier this evening. Damn.

Oh before I forget, I would like to wish my Dad a Happy Father's Day & Happy Birthday too!! Thanks for being a wonderful father, and may God continue to bless you.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Easy on Monday morning

Woke up to a rainy Monday morning today. In fact it had been raining since lastnight. Secretly I was hoping I would get a call or sms saying we won't have to go to school today because it was flooded *grins*. I did my routine while hoping for that to happen, but it did not. And even the road to my school which is prone to flood was clear, damn.

Approaching the school, I saw a few cars by the roadside. Some were of my colleagues. See, we teachers don't park our cars by the roadside usually. As I drove closer, the school was flooded! The field wasn't to be seen. The pathway from the entrance to the school was invisibly underwater. YAYS! But turned out school was to go on. SIGH! So everyone had to walk in the water to the school. Good thing I had brought along my slippers, smart. So I began my walk in the water. The students probably loved it. Especially the boys haha. I thought it was a cool thing too. It was nothing to grouch or whine about. Damn I even wished the pathway was abit longer. LOL

SO the Year 1 & 2 students were told to return to their homes, while the rest stayed on to study. Which was a cool thing for me, initially. Supposed to have 4 periods with Year 1 and 2 periods with Year 2 today. My Monday is really long. So because of the flood, I only have to enter Year 5, which was only for 1 period. The rest of the day was dull. I did not bring my earphones so no music for me. I passed the first hour going through my lesson pla for tomorrow. And then, total boredom. Spent the rest of the day reading the novels from the Pusat Sumber. I must say they have much cooler novels these days, very contemporary.

Teacher & students walking in the water together-gether.

Then they stopped for a pose. Uztaz Fairuz & gang.

Ahh, the joys of going to school. Yours trully getting his feet wet.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Going back to school lalalalaaa

When the school holidays first started, I set out complete 2 tasks. One, to get my daily lesson plan done (2 weeks behind :p), and to go jogging at least twice a week (due to badminton being cancelled during the school break). Due to my constant procrastination, I have not achieved any of those objectives. Dammit.

So it's back to school tomorrow, no more going to bed at 3-4am in the morning. No more waking up at 11am. is pissing me off. It's awfully slow. I mean really slow. And even that's an understatement. A snail would have completed a meter and photobucket would not even be showing my album page after logging in. Any ideas on other alternative websites where i can store my photos?

Peace out...and selamat kembali ke sekolah to students and teachers.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

According to a website, these people look like me...

I've tried a couple of photos and Jet Li turned up in most of em. So can we conclude that Jet Li looks like me? HAHA. Some other interesting results from different photos include Evander Holyfield, Denzel Washington, SUHARTO!!

Fun stuff, go try it

Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday..boring Monday

It's past 4 in the evening and it's still a dull Monday. Hopefully there's badminton tonight.

Anyhows, I suddenly had a thought about past-life theories, not that I believe in that. But I took a test, out of fun...or boredom. Here are the results of my past life diagnosis:

Your past life diagnosis:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Poland around the year 1700. Your profession was that of a trainer or holder of fine animals, such as birds..
Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Person with huge energy, good in planning and supervising. If you were just garbage-man, you were chief garbage-man.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
Your lesson is to learn humility and faith in spiritual principles. You should believe in higher reasons.
Do you remember now?

Pretty neat eh? LOL.

Then I found another test. What would be my best quality?

What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Out-Going

Your best quality is out-going! People like you because you are fun to be around and no one ever knows what you will do next. Also you are not afraid to say or do whatever
you want.

Sense of Humor
What's Your Best Quality?
Take More Quizzes


So I decided to take one last test/quiz...and I decided to see if I am datable enough.

Are You Datable?
Your Result: You are Datable

According to the results, you are ready to go on Dates and have all the benefits that come with it :) Go out there and find that someone superstar before you end up wasting your skills and have no one in your life..

You are 50/50 Datable
You are Not Datable
Are You Datable?
Create MySpace Quizzes

Damn I'm datable....LOL

Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's June

Firstly, a belated Happy Gawai to my Dayak buddies.

Secondly, congratulations to my cousin Clarence on his wedding yesterday.

I just realised today is the 3rd of June. Just got back from Lawas earlier late afternoon. My Cousin Clarence got married yesterday. Well, had a really nice time, despite not having everyone there. The Kuching 'crew' were missing, except my Uncle David.

Met some new people. A particular new and interesting person (Ndru, i told you about this one). Wonderful stuff about that person. But upon reaching a point, I would have slapped myself or smack my head because of that. Then there's the feeling of guilt. The feeling of ashamedly breaking the unspoken code of men. Dammit hahaha. I let myself in deeper I'm afraid...not my fault entirely. It's gonna be alright, gonna be okay. *talks to self* "Must resist the Force!"

Anyhows! The Immigration & Customs checkpoint (I think you call it CIQ?) at Pandaruan was operational last Friday. Ok, now I just realised I didn't take any pictures. It is now more convenient for our Bruneian friends from Temburong who visit Limbang, or those from BSB, KB who are going to KK. They won't have to stop in the middle of town to get their passport stamped. At the same time easing the traffic conditions for us locals.

Another week of holidays for me. And it's really a holiday. I've settled the report cards for my kids (when I say kids, I mean my primary 1 students) before the holidays started. My stint in this school will end on the 18th. I'd probably be teaching at my previous school straight after that. One of the English teachers will be transferred, or maybe she's already left. Apparently the English Dept had my name recommended to the Principal as a relief teacher, unless a new teacher gets transferred to that school lah. Well, I guess it would be cool to get a month or two. The money would come in handy.

Also last Saturday I sat for the KPLI examinations. 5 papers: Analitikal, Kuantitatif, INSAK, BM & English. The INSAK paper is something like a personality test, interesting. But 30 minutes to answer 135 questions??? It didn't help that I always blacken my answers carefully, and thats time consuming! The Bm & English paper were okay. What troubled me were the Analitikal & Kuantitatif papers. Analitikal was something like an IQ test. But the style of the questions were redundant. So I felt it was not so intelligent of them to do that. My arch-nemesis...Maths have always proved to be a tough nut to crack. In this case, the Kuantitatif paper. 25 questions in 30 minutes. No calculators allowed. How on earth would someone who suck at numbers perform decently??? Out of the 25, I would honestly say that I could do only 5 the most. The rest were, well, faced by a "firing-squad".

Therefore I would like to voice some grievances here (not that it would matter). I applied to teach English. So couldn't they just give us papers that are related to the course that we applied for? Okay, so English teachers might be asked to teach Maths. But the Kuantitatif paper was more like University level math! Or Secondary school stuff at least. And this particular KPLI intake is for Primary School Education. Why would someone who applied for a BM course have to take the English & Kuantitatif paper? Just doesn't make enough sense. What if that someone who's brilliant in BM, and would make an excellent BM teacher fails the Kuantitatif & English paper? It won't be fair man. Are they looking for candidates who is a Master of 1 skill...or a Jack-of-all-trades? Okay enough whining LOL.

For the rest of my holidays, I'll try to finish of my season dvd of The Simpsons. And I need to get on the ass of JPA about my surat iktirak kelayakkan. Well Cuz Andee, I actually applied for that letter last month. No, it was April, before the interview for the Guru Pemulihan thingy. About 3 weeks ago I called, was put on hold for nearly 10 minutes (this is no BS), if not more. Then they probably forgot I was on the line, and they hung up on me. The following week I called, and they said the letter is ready, "Tunggu pegawai sign jer." Does it take that long for them to sign stuff??? Are they short of officers? Then they should have hired me when I applied for the PTD post last year. Are they short of pens at JPA? If so, then the salary increment would enable them to buy pens.

Talking about PTD, last week I engaged in a thread in the forum at regarding employment. Specifically about firms who prefer to hire people who knows Mandarin. Then an idiot who is said to be a PTD showed up, his posting showed that he's a government officer. He began to insult the Chinese, calling them/us dogs, babi etc. One of his quotes was something like this, "...suka makan babi...patutla perangai macam babi..". Hurling racist statements is one thing, but coming from a government officer, a PTD lagik is a big thing. I replied, with good humour, and did not forget to highlight that I was proud to be a pork-eater LOL. I can't give a link here because those postings were deleted by the mod hehe. Mine included :(

Peace out!

SARAWAKIAN FiRST!!...all the bullsh*t second

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Been a while since I've last updated this blog. It's the school holidays now, so I'll be having so much time, with so much to write (overdue/expired stuff mostly) but sadly so little desire. One reason being difficult to upload photos onto Photobucket. I've made up my mind that every post should have a photo/picture. Like the ones in tabloid mags with the caption "Gambar hiasan".

Anyhows I suppose i'll write about a couple of stuff in this post.


Our school had our Teacher's Day celebration on May 19, a Friday. We didn't have it on its actual day because exams were on then. It's a really special occassion for me. Honestly I was excited. Well, because it was to be the first time celebrating that special day as a teacher. For once I will be appreciated *grins*.

SO first on the programme was an assembly. Then the reading of the speech from i don't recall who, but i guess it's either the Minister of Education or the Director. Didn't matter anyway *smirks*. Then the student rep gave a short speech...or was it a poem/sajak. Darn, just shows that I wasn't paying attention.

It became more interesting next, when it was the time to do the Poco-poco! So we had 4 students to show the rest of us how it was done. I guess we were doing ok for the first minute or two, and then we began to lose our steps...and finally everybody just stopped and just watch those 4 students strutting their dance moves. What was meant to be an exercise became a show haha. They were good though. Darn, now that I think of it, should have taken a video!

After that, it was time to get down and dirty...for us boys...those small boys and us big boys. Football! So the 5 of us men and a couple of students went against the whole boys (including unlimited subsitutions la). From the kick off the ball was passed to me, and in dash, 3 kids were around me. All i should do was make a simple pass to Uztaz Fairuz. But like what any real men would do, I tried to do the extravagant. There I was dragging the ball away from the 1st kid. Dummied the other. Turned the ball on the third. Ok time to pass. Swung my foot. SPLAT!!! Zidane-wannabe fell on his butt. SO it occurred to me...futsal shoes aren't meant for the field...especially a muddy and wet one. Studs matter. Scored a goal and we won the game 6-3...and had mud all over me.

Then I spent some time with my kids. They had brought some gifts for me. I lost count. Because they were all for the tummy haha. Some bottled drinks. Chocolates. Keropok durian (I despise durians but i didn't want to disappoint the kid who gave me that, so I told her I'll eat it at home....which I didn't la). There were some cakes and sandwiches. Good Lord, these kids really know how to feed their teacher. So here's a photo of my class kids, them lovely little buggers:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Front L-R: Franklin, Vanessa, Filicia, Sophia, Carberinie, Ronia, Francisca
Back L-R: Darriene, Fazzira, Flora, Calvin, Micky, Steward
Not in picture: Nur Syakirah (apparently she hates taking pictures)


I'm a Manchester United die-hard. Always have..always been..always be. It doesn't trouble me that a vast majority of my cousins & uncles on my mom's side are Liverpool fans. In fact I'm probably the only serious MU fan.

Anyhows, despite my devotion to this club, I've never owned a jersey. I did have one when I was around 8 or 9. I wasn't a fan then, that was before i fell in love with football.

So last month I bid for an MU away jersey on Somehow some problems came up and i ended up receiving the jersey almost 3 weeks late, on a Saturday, just in time for the FA Cup final...which we lost though.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Loves of my life, United, in that order. Heck, i think even during the times I was in relationships, my girlfriends weren't even placed above MU...LOL...sorry babes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers especially my Mum, my cousin Andy and his wife Linda, my mates Nijan & teachers on the block.

And happy birthday to myself, haha.

Create your own Friend Test here

Thursday, May 10, 2007

You're Beautiful

Okay, so the content of this entry has got nothing to do with the title above, at least not in an objective or obvious manner.

Well, this has been a hectic and fairly stressful week for me at work. The primary 1 kids have been driving me crazy, but not to worry, my temper is still under control. They can be adorable and cute at times, and in a minute turn into an evil child that wants to be our biggest nightmare. The illiteracy rate doesn't help things for me. But its all good lah, they're just kids who are just 5 months into school life. As proof, the primary 2 kids are fine.

Even for myself, i'm still adapting to the new environment. Its very different from the previous school that I taught at. So much smaller...everything. The school, staff, students. So much farther from home as well, some 12km compared to just under 2km for my previous school.

Time flies really fast though, spending just 30mins per period. And when I am free, its really dull. No cafeteria/canteen to hangout, enjoying a cold glass of teh o peng as I always do previously. On the brightside, I don't have to face rude motherf*cking ahbengs, mat rempit wannabes etc of the secondary school. It's a different kind of stress here.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Next week will be exam week, so it would be quite relaxing. And I won't have to mark 150 essay papers here!! I had to crack my head abit to come up with the question papers though. Just earlier I just finished compiling questions for English Year 2 & 5. There's the Moral for Year 2 left. The Year 1 BM paper, I will source it from my mum's colleague :p , networking bah, save my time, plus I have no idea on how to set that one.

I'm gonna burn a huge hole in my pocket (thats already filled with holes) though, bearing the costs of photocopying all those exam papers, cause somethings wrong with the machine at the school, damnit!!

Well I thought I deserved a break this evening after photocopying the master copies. So I bought some bishop's nose and another chicken part, went to the Esplanade/Waterfront, and chilled, enjoying the sunset.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I really liked this one, dunno what its called though.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Liverpool - United Final?

Wasted precious hours of sleep when I decided to watch the Liverpool - Chelsea Champions league 2nd Leg semi-final.

It wasn't really dull. But it was uninteresting. Nothing spectacular.

I was just checking some comments on BBC's website about the match. It's just normal that Liverpool fans are estatic. But most of them went to extent of describing the match as fantastic. And that they were the better team. For once I'll agree with Jose, you weren't the better team scousers. On both legs. Dirk Kuyt played one of his best games for Liverpool? What did the man do? Maybe its in the nature of Liverpool's fans to exaggerate stuff. Fact is, the match isn't even half as exciting as the MU - Milan match lastweek. The lack of goals I can except, but the way the games were played.....BORING

So tomorrow morning will be a big moment for Man Utd. I'm disappointed I have yet to receive the jersey that I bought. Else I might just stay up for that match for the first time wearing the shirt n watching this team that I adore. Win or lose, I just want to see a superb effort from the team. But of course I really want to win the cup haha.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New assignment, new haircut

Lastnight I received an sms from my former BM cum form teacher and former colleague, Cikgu Mahda. He requested my help with his Masters assignment. Coming from him, i just can't reject. And this morning my Uncle Robert came and asked me to go to the Education Dept to settle my posting at his school, to relieve a teacher on maternity leave, who happened to be my Aunt Josephine who gave birth to a baby girl lastweek. This assignment would be different as I'll be teaching primary school kids. A new challenge! Primary One class teacher lagik.

I got myself a haircut after the trip to the Dept and breakfast. A crewcut at the oldskool barber shop.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After that I went to the mall to buy bathing soap and fabric softener. I bumped into Deli, and he said he didn't know Mawi is in Limbang. Curse him! At home, after my sis arrived, she asked why did I get a Mawi haircut. ARGHHH!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today or technically I should say yesterday, was the Guru Pemulihan interview. And I also found that its called Remedial Teacher in English...i think, OK, but at least that sounded better than Rehabilitation Teacher.
Anyhows, I was supposed to have my turn concluded by 1pm, but our batch of applicants took longer than expected to be completed so the last 3, including myself had to join the 2pm batch. I considered myself fortunate as my 3 buddies, Deli n Nijan had their interviews the day before, and Pian was with the first batch last week. So they relayed stuff to me on what they were questioned etc. Basically I was all set. Current issues and Falsafah Pendidikan Negara and all those stuff you can find from the Ministry's website. To be honest, I just read through them once, and kinda memorized the Falasafah part.
When we were waiting our turns, the others were busy discussing the potential questions, with notes n papers in their hands. I thought that was overkill, its just like preparing for an exam. I actually thought they were wasting their time and its not much use. All the while I just sat there, text messaging my friend Dunstan, going through my mobile Spanish dictionary. I didn't know anyone in my batch, so no chit-chatting for me. Though the girl sitting infront of me was a babe. In my previous post I was worried about how my BM would fare. And as i sat there, the same thing hung around. I practiced the interview in my head. And i began to think if I was under-prepared. But all the while I was cool.
Fast forward, the candidate before my turn entered the interview room, and I started feeling tense. Ah, typical me. My breathing was now different. And I had to hold myself, taking slow and deep breaths. When it was my turn, I stood outside the door waiting for the sound of the bell, indicating that I could enter. Somehow it took quite a while. And imagination crept in. I began to picture myself as Gary Neville, captain of Manchester United. The way his face n eyes are very focused, his body stance. And i did just that!!! HAHA. *Ting!!* Game on...
I entered and greeted the 3 interviewers, the lady asked for my file, and as I gave it to her, the guy in the middle (let's call him The Don) barked, "Kamu graduan oversea, kenapa nak mohon jawatan ni??!!"
Damn that was quick, didn't see it coming!
"Sebenarnya saya bukan graduan dari luar negara, cuma saya mengikuti program twinning di Inti College Sarawak."
The Don nodded, "Oh macam partnership lah, jadi kamu tidak belajar di luar negara."
"Ya betul." Good heavens!! So technically I did not answer the question, and I would have no idea how...haha.
"Sanggup pegi pedalaman?? kalau pegi Bakelalan mau??"
Damnit, the pace and the atmosphere of the interview just kept heating up.
"Bakelalan? Boleh juga. Sana pun memang kampung mak saya." Back at ya!! I bet he didn't expect that answer, considering I have a Chinese surname and have the looks.
"Ok. Kalau posting sana sampai 10-15 tahun?? Masih sanggup kaa, guru pemulihan ni susah sikit kalau mau transfer." Crap!! 15 years!! Ok I admit he psyched me a lil there. I mean, I would love it there, but 15 years is a long time man. And what he said ain't horsecrap.
Still with my pokerface on, I smiled, "Saya rasa saya boleh cuba."
Next we moved on the questions on to stuff like the difference between an ordinary teacher and a remedial teacher. Then he asked about the vital characteristics needed in a remedial teacher. So I answered all those calmly, and in midspeech I realised I was speaking an above average Bahasa Malaysia...Haha.
Then he asked what I undertand and know about the word Integrity. And what I think about it in the context of the Msian English (finally). I've read quotes on integrity and also articles on people known to have that quality. That was sometime back when I wanted to know what intregity really meant. Paid off afterall.
"Benjamin, kamu punya prestasi dlm temuduga ini sangat baik." Turns to his henchman and henchlady for agreement, and continued, "I think this is among the best we had so far."
Pokerface mode still switched on, but with a wider smile, and a thank you.
"But you don't have your CGPA in your transcript, and you don't have the letter from JPA to certify your qualification. Ini sangat-sangat penting. Banyak markah yang kamu tak dapat score ni. Sangat sayang lah."
Pokerface mode, smile still visible. They told me to process those documents/requirements ASAP by the 19th. That gave me the impression that I hit the jackpot, but I need the lottery ticket to claim the prize, which I do not. And it is quite difficult if not impossible to sort those things out by the 19th.
Back home, I thought about all those, and I guess I don't really want to be a Remedial Teacher anyway. Considering the the job description, future prospects and all. Sometime later that evening my friend Graman in Sibu texted me telling me that the advertisement on KPLI is out. So I guess I'll have my eyes on this one. Most importantly, it's something that I prefer and want. All in all, the interview was a invaluable experience, having never attended one that was conducted in BM.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mother mother

Today, April 16 is my mum's birthday. She's ummm...*thinking*...*calculating*...she's 49 today. So I would like to dedicate this post to wish her happy birthday, and may God grant her many more birthdays. We'll be having the birthday dinner tomorrow as my parents have some stuff over at church tonight. I will also be making my debut as Chef De Mission, and my main masterpeice will be the grilled chicken.
On a different front, I'll be having an interview tomorrow for the Guru Pemulihan thingy. I don't know what you call it in English, Rehabilitation Teacher? Just doesn't sound right man. I mean you do not go around rehabilitating students right? It will definitely be a new experience, to go through an interview that'll be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia. I'll need to watch whats coming out of my mouth, no "Well...", "so...", "then..." etc. OMG its gonna be tough out there tomorrow!!
Hmmm...I just got a text msg from an unidentified number asking me if I had my interview already, identifying him/herself as Lek. Who's Lek??? Oh my cousin duhal. Peace out!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What's the price to pay for loyalty?

If I were to be asked what is my strongest trait or quality during the upcoming interview, I'd probably say loyalty.

I'm telling you that this is very true. I am a true believe in brand/people/etc loyalty. I practice it!

Just earlier while on YM with ndru, we talked about the longserving Man Utd players, Solsjkear in particular who has been with the club for 10 years. Ndru and I have been loyal supporters of the club before that. Me being a year or two longer lah. And it is also amazing that Ryan Giggs has been there before we were fans. Another example of loyalty to a football club. I have never switched loyalties, even during the tough times when we weren't winning trophies.

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I am also a loyal user of Digi Telecommunications. I have been with Digi ever since the day I owned a mobilephone. I've changed numbers a couple of times but I remain a loyal Digi user. So loyal that I have never changed to a different telco during the period of having 3 girlfriends (not at the same time of course!! Well that's another example of loyalty LoL) even when they are not Digi users. The only time I ever used a different services was a couple of years ago when I went back for my long semester break, and in those days Digi's coverage had yet to reach Limbang. So I used Maxis for that 1 month plus period, and only during that period of time. Despite the cool image of Maxis and the wide coverage of Celcom/TM, I am still a Digi user.

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I am also a loyal user of Colgate range of toothpaste. I guess this is one habit that has been instilled since childhood. I mean, we even call any toothpaste regardless of brand as colgate. There was a time when I was younger, when we go travelling and the house that we stayed in had no Colgate toothpaste, I would rather not brush my teeth. Even if I did, I would still feel that my teeth are not clean. But lately I've been using Darlie lah. Cause my sister prefers it, and she gets mom to buy them. And also it's not economical to have 2 toothpastes at the moment. But I guess the quality is better than before lah.

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I just thought of another. I am a loyal shopper/window shopper at Grand Supermart. Ever since the store opened a couple of years back, I spend my time browsing the cold storage section, canned food section etc etc even when I don't plan to buy anything. The Departmental store section is also much fun, decent quality clothing. But since Uncle Spencer was promoted and transferred back to Kuching, Grand Supermart isn't what it was like before. Nevertheless, I still prefer shopping there.

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To end, I am also a loyal owner of the house cat, Kitty, or as I call her fondly, Babi. We have a love hate relationship. My mum actually got her for my sister who loved our cousin's kittens. But after a short time, the ownership of the kitten changed, and so did her name. From Sweetie to Kitty @ Babi. She was recently pregnant but the poor little felines justs didn't make it.

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This is Kitty posing immediately after the washing cover fell to the floor. A rare moment where she actually looked at the camera. A strange pose, I guess thats what been seducing those male cats in the neighbourhood.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hero, Heaven, Hell, Help me

For the past couple of days, I had thought of so many stuff I intend to write here. But the moment I finally logged in and clicked the "New Post" icon, I have no friggin idea on what to write. I guess I shouldn't be one to be surprised, happens. Anyhows, there is this one thing that I won't forget to post.

My grandad made the news!! My dad who was surfing the net yesterday found this on New Straits Times Online. Dad called out and I came running from the kitchen. "Look at this guy". I looked, and I wondered who was this dude in the picture. (yea yea I know I suck) After a few seconds it finally hit me....that's my ipu! (grandad in Lunbawang)

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The rest of the story, you could read from the link. This is one badass grandpa I tell ya. And I say that with tremendous affection and pride. He once told a story about the first time he chopped off a Japanese soldier's head. I asked him, not to question what he did, but just a question, why did he chopped off the head. He replied, "Naru tupu." Subtitle: "Just for the heck of doing it." I just love this guy.

Seventh Heaven

Wednesday morning Europe were shocked and awed by a majestic Manchester United destruction of AS Roma. I can't believe what I was watching either. I was trying hard not to shout there and then, at 3.10am in the morning, as not to wake up my mum especially. All I could do to contain my joy when the 3rd goal was scored, was jumping like a madman in the living room. Such ecstasy! Next, AC Milan....

Burning grass? Call 994!

Last Friday evening, as me and my cousin Nathaneal were driving my uncle's house to the town center, we spotted a trail of black smoke. I suspected it was a fire, so we change course and went to find the burning location. After a few wrong turns, we finally got to the place. Too bad it wasn't something big, like a house or something. Well, I mean luckily it wasn't someone's house or anything! *grins*

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Turned out it was just a bushfire. But there were houses nearby so, it's definitely not a good thing. When we reached the place, it was already crowded with people. Ah Bengs, local equivalents though more subtle Mat Rempits, joggers, kids etc. But most of them stayed away from the fire. I saw some dudes near the fire, so being the arsehole that I am sometimes, I joined em. Thanks to the continous advancement of technology, people were snapping away with their cellphones, and I am one of em. And I was fortunate my cell was in its glorious mood. Moments later Jabatan Bomba Limbang arrived in amazing fashion, the fire engine drove through bushes and uneven ground to the scene.

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Firemen getting ready to do their thang!

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Firemen in action.

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Firemen assessing the situation after the fire was under control. Joining them was a "local expert" on fires (man in blue pants + singlet).

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Found the culprit! Bad tyre...

To end things up for tonight, I'll be having my big interview on Tuesday. I don't know if I'm nervous about it, but I should be. It's gonna be conducted mostly in BM, Bahasa Melayu my man!! I just hope I won't suck or even get carried away with some fake semenanjung accent. For those who don't know me, I don't speak BM!! I mean I do speak Bahasa Sarawak (fluenty) and the local Limbang Malay, but not the National language. So I just hope to God that I would do just fine!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

It's April

Happy belated Easter people.

April is like the start of my new year. Not that it's official like a personal fiscal year. It's like everything begins in April. New hopes, new job, new hobbies, new everything. So I wish u all a very happy new year, month of april version.

Wanted to put up a few posts + pics. But the process is pretty cumbersome, and that makes me lazy. I would have to resize the pics and upload them to Photobucket before I can put them up here. Blogspot in all its glorious wisdom would most of the time not show the photos if I do it the easy way.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Came across this in a blog, of a pretty popular singkaporien blogger.
In her older posts, she wrote about her history being sexually molested & harrassed on several occasions. Now that sucks, really. And its understandable for her to be highly emotional about it. I quote:

"Well some very cynical ppl may be thinking this in their heads now:
I dress up like a slut, so i deserved the molest?
To such ppl i say: If one day ur daugther/sister gets raped, will u say the same thing? Well, I would like to stress that everytime i get molest cases i was in school uniform. And besides this, even if women dress scantily, it is NO excuse to touch them. If this logic applies soon all women will be dressed like those in Pakistan. Not only it is unaesthetic, many will die of heatstroke in Singapore. "

But you get the "what the heck" question in your head when she idolises a US Marine who was accused of rape in the Phillipines. Quote:

"Fourthly, I know I sound ridiculous saying this, but Smith is totally hot. Rape is supposed to be traumatizing, but I don't see how screwing someone who looks like a hot US Marine, wait, IS a hot US marine can be so bad.
I can understand how some girls can feel all violated and disgusted when some old fat man rapes her, but Smith!"

I mean...what the heck!? It's alright, cool and super fun to be raped by a "hot" or "cute" US Marine. But when some Bangla migrant worker shows u his dick or some old guy touches you, they should be cut into pieces there and then? I just can't comprehend. So does that mean I can rape her if i'm cute? LOL. I might get some flak from her fans or whatever. But hey, if she got rights. I got my rights to say or write what i want to.

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"cute & hot" Marine

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Bangla dudes

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nothing Much

Been awhile since I last typed stuff in here. Mostly due to my laziness. And the fact that I hate Blogspot. I hate it because I can't have proper paragraphs, and posting photos is a pain in the neck...literally sometimes.
A belated Happy Chinese New Year...and Chap Goh Meh.
Okay, so I've been staying at home for the past week or so. After the short break, I went to work as usual, and got the confirmation that my services won't be needed anymore. Heck, saying that makes me feel like a mercenary, cool. Well, 3 new teachers arrived and reported for duty that Monday. And I learnt that actually I didnt have to come that day. The boss was supposed to call me, but apparently he didnt (apala bos tok!).
Wanted to see the boss to clarify the whole situation, but he was briefing the new teachers for sometime, I just hung around in the staffroom as usual, besides having what was my last breakfast there. Was sitting at the hotspot zone with my uncle's laptop, downloading stuff for him (yes,I have an uncle teaching there as well, mom's cousin) when boss and the 3 new faces entered.
After giving them a "tour", he approached me.
Boss: Hey Ben, I wanted to call you the other day, but tak sempat lah
Me: Oh, its okay (what the heck, you forgot all about me!!)
Boss: But it's good also that you are here, so you could hand over your things, lessons and brief the new teacher.
So I was introduced to the new teacher. I forgot what her name was. Very young. Probably younger than me. Fresh grad. Sweet-looking.
So I explained to her about the stuff I've done with the class, and what I had actually planned. All along she kept nodding and the frequent "Okays", and she had this look, which I could not describe. It was like, every single word I said were gold. I don't know. Just that I thought it was funny. Made me look like a soldier who's been shot at 10 times talking to an inexperienced new officer. Heck, even that metaphor doesn't describe it well.
Well the termination of my contract also meant that my masterplan goes down the drain. Not exactly I guess, just postponed. So instead of a laptop and all the other stuff, I'll be getting a digital camera.
The 'selection' process is similar to what I did before I bought my mobile phone. Created a shortlist, and did some eliminations. So now I'm down to the final 2 contenders. Canon's A630 & A710IS. Hopefully I could get my hands on my new baby by the end of this month.
PS: I think this post is rather crappy. Messy. Sums up the situation in my brain.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Movie Review : Miami Vice

Okay, so I am slow. Being in a small town that has no cineplex, and shops that sells pirated dvds like some government uncontrolled item, not too mention the lack of quality (some pirated dvds are of decent quality for those who dont know).
I only got to watch the movie few hours ago. I bought it sometime last year during my trip to Kota Kinabalu. Haven't got the time to watch it. And when I did have the time, the TV set at home isn't in the condition where one could enjoy a movie. Watching movies is a big thing to me. I hate disruptions, and companions who ask alot of questions or talks alot about stuffs unrelated to the movie. And when I watch a movie, I intend to finish it there and then.
Back to the topic at hand. Having read some reviews about the movie, also having watched the ads and trailer, it was a total disappointment. The trailer and ads depicted the movie as some action-packed, kick-ass, punch-in-your-face experience. Reviews were decent to say the least. The line up itself was convincing on paper; Colin Farrell & Jamie Foxx.
Okay, so it had a slow start. Not a problem. But halfway through it, I got turned off. For some 10 or 15 minutes, I watched scenes of Farrell & Gong Li seducing each other or whatever crap. From the boat ride till the next morning after a night of love-making. That was pure sh*t. And thats not a compliment. Why the heck did the producer come up with that? Nothing important ever happened during that run. No important dialogues. No important information for the audience.
The kick-ass scene only happened towards the end of the movie. But it wasn't much. Which was followed by another run of lovey dovey between Farrell & Gong Li. I mean, f*ck, did I watch an action movie or what? I don't mind if there are some bits of romance thrown in action films. But Miami Vice left me wondering if I just watched a love story with some action in it. My Cousin Davin who watched it with me couldn't agree more. This is probably the type of movie that your girlfriend/wife/mom would enjoy watching with you. For the males who are action purists, forget it. I rate it 2 out of 5.