Thursday, March 23, 2006

Islam & Terror

I was surfing when my dad who was watching the tv switched to Tv3. And what i heard caught my attention. A malay guy and a chinese girl were sitting by a fire. And the guy asked the girl,"Have u done some research on islam?" to which the girl replied,"Islam?whats there to do research for? It's enough to know Osama bin laden, abu-zarqawi etc etc." and i think she did mention something about terrorism.

The guy then protested,"Why link them(islam) to terror???. When people like george bush, ariel sharon etc killed muslims, they are not called terror, why arent their religion linked to terror." bla bla bla "Look at who are the real terrorists, open your eyes samantha..." bla bla bla

Well, if only i could enter the movie and slap the guy a few times and also the script writer. The reason islam is linked to terrorism done by muslims is because these "good guys" USED the name of religion. If you dont want your religion to be linked with terrorist acts, then dont use the name of religion or your god or your prophet. Killing people in the name of God, what do you call that? a righteous act? Sorry again if i have offended anyone reading this, as i wrote before i do not understand the use of brute force in the name of religion.

And he asked why wasnt the religion of ariel sharon and george bush linked with their actions. I am sure i've never heard any public comment by bush or sharon that goes something like ,"KILL THE INFIDELS IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!" You dont see any Christian terror groups blowing themselves up at mosques, shopping complexes, schools and shout "HALLELUYAHHH!!!"

That people, is what sets the terrorist groups of bush/sharon and osama/saddam etc etc apart.

Half Vision

I went to the hospital today to see the doctor, the first time since my last visit back in 1998!!! Never liked to go to the doctors anyways. But i thought a visit today would be interesting.

Well, lastnight i had this irritation in my right eye. So i guess i did rubbed it a couple of times. But i expect it to get worse the next day, which happened actually. Woke up this morning and i felt rather different about my right eye. It seemed to have trouble opening to its maximum 'opening size'. So i went to the bathroom to wash my face n brush my teeth, there i saw in the mirror, my right eye was swollen. The whole morning/afternoon i was bearing with the irritation and the slight blurry vision i had.

My dad advised me to see the doctor, and gave me my hospital card/book that he kept for years. And it was interesting to see only a couple of pages were used LOL (told ya'll i dont see doctors).

So i went to the hospital at 2pm this evening, and had a bit of a problem as i dont know the procedures LOL, i am so ashamed! So i sat down among the other patients and observed how the others did their business :p smart ass eh? So after i understood how the process was, i went and did what was needed. So when it was my turn, i entered the Medical Assistant's room and explained my predicament. He turned out to know my dad, so he was really friendly and all. Then i was reffered to another room where 2 nurses tested my eyesight (one of em was pretty cute :p). With some luck and good guessing, my right eye did well LOL.

Then i was reffered to the eye specialist who did further checks on my eye. At one time, he held my eyelids and the other hand had some sort of a pen-like instrument, and my mind went,"OMG HE'S GONNA POKE MY EYES!!!". to be honest i was a lil nervous then LOL. I dont know what and how he used the instrument for but my eyelids felt strange. Then he went,"Oooohhh...." the kinda expression when you discover something bad. And i went,"Uhh...". He then told me its some sort of an allergy and then told me the medication that i will be given. So off i went to the pharmacy to collect the medication, and there was another cute staff at the pharmacy. I was given some Chlorpheniramine Maleate tablets and a small bottle of "artifical tears", a funny name LOL made me picture "crocodile tears"

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My blog was screwed

this is a test

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Band of Brothers

"From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile."

This post is dedicated to my band of brothers