Monday, February 01, 2010

First For 2010

Wow, it has been weeks, months since I last made a post here. First it was due to the fact that my laptop decided to die after over 2 years together. I was hesitant, or felt less cool blogging on laptop hak kerajaan Malaysia or my Mum's eyesight challenging 12 inch laptop.

So I finally got hold of my new desktop pc on the 13th of January. So I thought, the plan was to continue blogging after getting the new rig, but I really enjoyed having my new awesome baby that blogging was forgotten.

But here I am. Thanks to a comment that I need to approve or reject.

Today is the 1st day of February. The first day of the second month of the year. Time really flies this year as compared to the previous. In a fortnight, it will be Chinese New Year. I've learnt not to make new year resolutions, so this year I've made a simple one, which is to work harder. I guess so far I've worked harder than I did this time last year. But I found out, hardwork alone is insufficient if your time management/planning is bollocks. Well, we all learn from mistakes.

I've been very ill the past couple of days. My dad has been telling me to go to the doctor but I just shrugged his advice off. That was until lastnight. After the Arsenal - United match, I went off to bed. I had 3 precious hours to get some sleep before I needed to get up for work. All I got last night/this morning were at most 30 minutes of 'sleep'. I was coughing all night long. Sort of a dry cough. That really sucked. So this afternoon, right after work I went to one of the clinics. I have probably mentioned before that I dislike going to the docs. But the thought of having sleepless nights really bothered me. Plus it's just past payday, so I can afford the private clinic.

Turned out I probably have something related to asthma or some sort, while not the exact thing. So I took the meds and it had an almost immediate effect. I could enjoy an hour of afternoon nap before I started to cough repeatedly again. I'm hoping the second intake of meds tonight will do more wonders. Oh, and I almost lost my voice again. Though at times it will break up a few times during a conversation, which made me sound funny.

I wanted to install some tint on my car's windows, but again I had to call it off. Unless the shop accepts credit card, I might reconsider. To end, here are some pics.

Before the unboxing.

After the unboxing and installation.

Facebook-ing, Yahoo Messenger-ing and watching an episode of Southpark without
opening and closing windows :D .