Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Been a while since I've last updated this blog. It's the school holidays now, so I'll be having so much time, with so much to write (overdue/expired stuff mostly) but sadly so little desire. One reason being difficult to upload photos onto Photobucket. I've made up my mind that every post should have a photo/picture. Like the ones in tabloid mags with the caption "Gambar hiasan".

Anyhows I suppose i'll write about a couple of stuff in this post.


Our school had our Teacher's Day celebration on May 19, a Friday. We didn't have it on its actual day because exams were on then. It's a really special occassion for me. Honestly I was excited. Well, because it was to be the first time celebrating that special day as a teacher. For once I will be appreciated *grins*.

SO first on the programme was an assembly. Then the reading of the speech from i don't recall who, but i guess it's either the Minister of Education or the Director. Didn't matter anyway *smirks*. Then the student rep gave a short speech...or was it a poem/sajak. Darn, just shows that I wasn't paying attention.

It became more interesting next, when it was the time to do the Poco-poco! So we had 4 students to show the rest of us how it was done. I guess we were doing ok for the first minute or two, and then we began to lose our steps...and finally everybody just stopped and just watch those 4 students strutting their dance moves. What was meant to be an exercise became a show haha. They were good though. Darn, now that I think of it, should have taken a video!

After that, it was time to get down and dirty...for us boys...those small boys and us big boys. Football! So the 5 of us men and a couple of students went against the whole boys (including unlimited subsitutions la). From the kick off the ball was passed to me, and in dash, 3 kids were around me. All i should do was make a simple pass to Uztaz Fairuz. But like what any real men would do, I tried to do the extravagant. There I was dragging the ball away from the 1st kid. Dummied the other. Turned the ball on the third. Ok time to pass. Swung my foot. SPLAT!!! Zidane-wannabe fell on his butt. SO it occurred to me...futsal shoes aren't meant for the field...especially a muddy and wet one. Studs matter. Scored a goal and we won the game 6-3...and had mud all over me.

Then I spent some time with my kids. They had brought some gifts for me. I lost count. Because they were all for the tummy haha. Some bottled drinks. Chocolates. Keropok durian (I despise durians but i didn't want to disappoint the kid who gave me that, so I told her I'll eat it at home....which I didn't la). There were some cakes and sandwiches. Good Lord, these kids really know how to feed their teacher. So here's a photo of my class kids, them lovely little buggers:

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Front L-R: Franklin, Vanessa, Filicia, Sophia, Carberinie, Ronia, Francisca
Back L-R: Darriene, Fazzira, Flora, Calvin, Micky, Steward
Not in picture: Nur Syakirah (apparently she hates taking pictures)


I'm a Manchester United die-hard. Always have..always been..always be. It doesn't trouble me that a vast majority of my cousins & uncles on my mom's side are Liverpool fans. In fact I'm probably the only serious MU fan.

Anyhows, despite my devotion to this club, I've never owned a jersey. I did have one when I was around 8 or 9. I wasn't a fan then, that was before i fell in love with football.

So last month I bid for an MU away jersey on Lelong.com.my. Somehow some problems came up and i ended up receiving the jersey almost 3 weeks late, on a Saturday, just in time for the FA Cup final...which we lost though.

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The Loves of my life, God...family...Manchester United, in that order. Heck, i think even during the times I was in relationships, my girlfriends weren't even placed above MU...LOL...sorry babes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers especially my Mum, my cousin Andy and his wife Linda, my mates Nijan & Deli..new teachers on the block.

And happy birthday to myself, haha.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

You're Beautiful

Okay, so the content of this entry has got nothing to do with the title above, at least not in an objective or obvious manner.

Well, this has been a hectic and fairly stressful week for me at work. The primary 1 kids have been driving me crazy, but not to worry, my temper is still under control. They can be adorable and cute at times, and in a minute turn into an evil child that wants to be our biggest nightmare. The illiteracy rate doesn't help things for me. But its all good lah, they're just kids who are just 5 months into school life. As proof, the primary 2 kids are fine.

Even for myself, i'm still adapting to the new environment. Its very different from the previous school that I taught at. So much smaller...everything. The school, staff, students. So much farther from home as well, some 12km compared to just under 2km for my previous school.

Time flies really fast though, spending just 30mins per period. And when I am free, its really dull. No cafeteria/canteen to hangout, enjoying a cold glass of teh o peng as I always do previously. On the brightside, I don't have to face rude motherf*cking ahbengs, mat rempit wannabes etc of the secondary school. It's a different kind of stress here.

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Next week will be exam week, so it would be quite relaxing. And I won't have to mark 150 essay papers here!! I had to crack my head abit to come up with the question papers though. Just earlier I just finished compiling questions for English Year 2 & 5. There's the Moral for Year 2 left. The Year 1 BM paper, I will source it from my mum's colleague :p , networking bah, save my time, plus I have no idea on how to set that one.

I'm gonna burn a huge hole in my pocket (thats already filled with holes) though, bearing the costs of photocopying all those exam papers, cause somethings wrong with the machine at the school, damnit!!

Well I thought I deserved a break this evening after photocopying the master copies. So I bought some bishop's nose and another chicken part, went to the Esplanade/Waterfront, and chilled, enjoying the sunset.

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I really liked this one, dunno what its called though.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Liverpool - United Final?

Wasted precious hours of sleep when I decided to watch the Liverpool - Chelsea Champions league 2nd Leg semi-final.

It wasn't really dull. But it was uninteresting. Nothing spectacular.

I was just checking some comments on BBC's website about the match. It's just normal that Liverpool fans are estatic. But most of them went to extent of describing the match as fantastic. And that they were the better team. For once I'll agree with Jose, you weren't the better team scousers. On both legs. Dirk Kuyt played one of his best games for Liverpool? What did the man do? Maybe its in the nature of Liverpool's fans to exaggerate stuff. Fact is, the match isn't even half as exciting as the MU - Milan match lastweek. The lack of goals I can except, but the way the games were played.....BORING

So tomorrow morning will be a big moment for Man Utd. I'm disappointed I have yet to receive the jersey that I bought. Else I might just stay up for that match for the first time wearing the shirt n watching this team that I adore. Win or lose, I just want to see a superb effort from the team. But of course I really want to win the cup haha.