Sunday, September 21, 2008

So there I was... a way

Everybody has their wishlist. Things that we would like to have or own. So I am no different. I've thought of a list of things I'd like to get my hands on next year. Some if not most are stuff that were in my 2007 & 2008 list, but I could not afford them.

1. A new mobile phone - My cell has a screwed up display screen. I'll probably be aiming for a Sony Ericsson Xperia or a Nokia N96.

2. A new multimedia player - I would need to replace my ageing Creative Vision M. Top of the list is the iPod Touch, I guess I need to accept the fact that it is easier to find accessories for iPods compared to Creative.

3. A new pair of shoes - Adio, without a doubt!

4. A new pair of working shoes - whatever's thats decent and durable.

5. A new G-Shock for the more extreme conditions


7. Last but not least, I aim to get myself my own set of wheels by Christmas next year. It'll be the bestest Christmas gift I've ever gave myself! (pathetic kan?)

Anyway I'll be having my final week of practicum at the school where I'm at. Part of me can't wait to get over with all this. The mornings of waking up at 5.15am will be gone. But then I'll miss the kids. My lecturer mentor and guru pembimbing recommended that I go for the Guru Pelatih Cemerlang award. Which means that as a nominee, I have to prepare the perfect lesson plan and teaching aids almost everyday because the evaluation panel will come anytime unannounced. When my lecturer asked me if I'd want her to nominate me, I said no.

Yeah, I know. I'm stupid to reject the opportunity to spar with the best.

God bless

Monday, September 15, 2008


I was afraid. Afraid of old hurts. But I went on. I held my breath. Anticipating, almost welcoming the impending pain. It did not come. I did not feel it. I felt no pain. A smile. It came from the heart. The hurt is gone. The bitterness is absent. I was happy. I am at peace. Today I can say, that I am no more afraid.

September 15th, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Country, One Big Messed Up Country

There will be 2 parts in this post. If you want to read about politics, please....oh what the hell, just read the whole damn post.

First of all I would like to express my utter disgust regarding United's defeat at Anfield lastnight. I would have been frustrated of we played well and but not win. I would have been content if we played badly but still win. But to lose in the manner that we did lastnight, I am lost for words! Even John O'shea would have looked like a dazzling Zinedine Zidane if he had played.

Watching the lineup at the begining was mouthwatering. I had high hopes. I expected a lot. But my hopes died when Van Der Sar decided to be generous. It died a second time when Giggs was brought in instead of Fletcher or Nani (or even O'Shea!). The corpse of my hope was turned into ashes when Giggs in all his experience and wisdom decided to play the fool at place so near the goal. Finally, the ashes of my hope rested in pieces.

Okay now to the issue that I had originally intended to write about. There is a news in today's (Sunday) New Straits Times titled Police stop march for Orang Asli rights. Some weeks ago we saw certainly more than 150 Uitm scholars demonstrating, shouting and displaying banners that are ridiculous. I have nothing against Uitm. Only that particular group who happens to come from a particular ethnicity. Watching the protests or whatever they called it on television was sick. They acted like their very lives were threatened. They shouted with so much vigour and such. But when 150 natives just want to march peacefully in their colourful traditional to deliver a memorandum to the palace, the police did not issue a permit.

3 individuals were recently arrested under the ISA. The reasons for their arrests were absurd to say the least. I am not against ISA, I just believe it is a law that should not be misused. Now we all still remember a certain individual from Penang who stirred up anger among the Chinese community. I find that equally if not worse than what the 3 detained persons had commited. How come he only received 3 years suspension? Suspension means not being in prison or even house arrest.

Friday, September 12, 2008


It's the big game against archrivals Liverpool tomorrow, a match every Liverpool and United fan will look for whenever the season fixture is released.

This post is also to promote a web-blog that my buddy and a few others have set up. It's a blog or site where the fans of United can contribute articles or whatever. I am one of them. I am posting my first article, a preview on tomorrow's battle at Anfield. So if you are a United fan, you are most welcomed to the site and support it as well.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'm in love again

I made my debut at the Institute's football field on Thursday evening. That was after almost a year and an increase of around 10 kgs.

My pair my Lotto boots were still wrapped in newspapers, in a plastic bad, just the way it was when I first arrived in January. I decided it was high time I returned to the sphere where I find joy and the occasional cussin' and pain... the football field.

Not surprisingly, the guys were surprised (probably an understatement) when they saw me coming to the field. I also caused similar shocks to those who arrived after me. Take William for example. He stopped in his tracks, a good 200 meters away from the field, extended his head to the front as if he could zoom in to see if it was really me.

So I did some warmups, a little kickaround with some of the guys, and when the match was going to start, I felt I had enough already. It's like I already played a full 45 minutes of a half. After a long absence, a good first touch is vital. It is as important as your first date with the girl that you (currently) like.

Game on. Somehow the ball was going my way, where I was the last man. The opposing striker was nearby. I took a touch. The guy was probably thinking, "Big fat slow 27 year old who is playing for the first time, should be easy." So he ran towards me. I thought of making a pass to Harrison on the right wing but the boy was quicker and he closed me down. I ran a little to the right. Boy looked to be going for the ball. Moved my left foot to the ball, but stopped short of touching it. With my right foot I moved the ball further right and made a pass as the boy was rooted earlier by my initial move. Not a bad start afterall. Looking forward to play again.