Thursday, November 02, 2006

S-H-I-T (Part I)

We all have different things, stuffs etc that we hate. If you're thinking I hate shit, no i don't hate shit. Not that i like it as well. It's just that I had a thought, after what happened during the past couple of weeks or so, or less, that I have been taking shit from people who don't know shit. Not the literal shit. Something like being the receiving end of someone who's not been there, done that...yet they act and talk like they mastered rocket science and holds the key to world peace and all that bullshit. I'm not writing this with a hot temper, I'm probably smirking, through my sub-conscious mind. And this isn't about my parents, if you're wondering.
Another thing some people need to know is that I'm the type of person who doesn't believe in talking too much, trying be all this and that, hanging around with bigshots and rich faggots just for the sake of having em as your collections that I could later display to my friends of lesser mortals. Just so they would see you as the numero uno of having friendships with the bigboys. I'm not against rich and trendy people, I have some of them as friends. I just don't believe in the mission statement of "I must have those kinda people as my friends".
Before i forget, despite my moderately controversial postings about race and religion, I would like to wish a very belated Selamat Hari Raya to my buddies, especially my niggas (I'm allowed to use this term, it's a long story :p) Ary and Anol. Then there's Mehdy, Saiful, Naz, Agus, Bifi..okay i'm not gonna go on. You can name yourselves :p