Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm in prison at this very moment. At least that's what some of us call this place. A correctional institute rather than a teaching institute, due to the stringent and also some unreasonable rules and regulations. I sincerely believe the conditions in our prisons are better, at least the one we have in Limbang. Over here, we have a watercooler at our hostel block, but without any filter. So we are basically drinking water that is of the same quality as the yellowish water we use to bath. We basically eat at an airport outlet, not that it's at the airport, but if you look at the price, you would think you're at the airport.

All that aside, everything else is okay. The English subject lecturers seem to be fun people. Fellow KPLI-ers are cool with each other. The bedroom's not bad. Wi-fi coverage sucks though. I guess that's all for now. Will post up some pictures next time.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sex Sex Sex

The Minister of Health, Dr Chua has just announced his resignation from all government and party posts as a result of the dvd thingy. The guy has balls, to admit it straightaway and to do all the necessary steps. You can't take that away from the man.

So what are the rest of the politicians waiting for? The poor guy screwed around, was obviously a set-up, and was let known to the public. What about the other bigshots who has abused the power, the corrupted etc? Just because there weren't any dvds being distributed about their misdeeds, they are safe to continue with them.

I will be going for a medical check-up soon. I noticed in the form, there's a test called "Pemeriksaan Uro Jantina". I have no idea what 'Uro' means. Dictionaries didn't help. Someone said it's something like checking on one's manhood. Why would they need to do that??? To see if its real??? Imagine someone who failed to get a job because he failed the penis test.

"Sorry Mr X, the government can't hire you, it seems you do not have a full set of testicles."