Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rendang Ketupat Satay

Woohoo! It's Raya!

Not that I celebrate it, well in a way I am.

Raya is the time when I look forward to enjoy awesome kickass homecooked Malay food.

My last Raya was disappointing. I only went to my neighbour's house. One house. Only one house. Hardly satisfied my cravings.

Anyway, this Raya will be a good one I hope. I'll be going to some friends' homes as well. But I will have to push back my visiting hours. Call of duty, transporter. My grandma, of all the days, wants to go to town and buy chicken (meat) tomorrow morning. Shortly after that, I need to drive my uncle to the airport. I received both these news after I woke up from my evening nap. I had an evening nap because I wanted to stay up for the United vs Aalborg match. It would be a small matter if Manchester United did not have their Champions League match scheduled for 2.30am, which is in another 30 minutes. This, is an important event for me, every United match. Back in Miri, I had to forget watching these early morning matches in order to conserve energy for classes etc. But well, people won't understand anyway.

I guess I'll always be deprived of sleep, holidays or not. Which brings us to another topic. I just completed a very hectic 3 months teaching practicum. Some people probably downplay the workload that trainee teachers have during that period. Well, screw you lah. Try doing a minimum 3 page lesson plan everyday, you will also add the preparation and creation of teaching aids to that. So yeah, screw you again. Sometimes I wish I could go somewhere else during my holidays besides back home. If only I had enough money that I could go somewhere else for my holidays. A place where I could just relax. Away from the phones. I admit I am being a little bit selfish here. But then again, I have yet to embark on such vacations and have never failed (almost never) to answer the call of duty (transporter etc). So I am only selfish in my thinking, but not my actions. Which still does not vindicate me. So what the heck.

Before I forget, here's wishing all my Muslim friends and relatives a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.