Monday, January 09, 2006

I caught the flu

Yep!! I caught the flu, but no, not the bird flu thingy though. I was playing fm2006 (football management sim) for the past couple of days and a few of my players were out with flu, but heck, i got it too eventually. i thought by sending the players home and excluding them from training would prevent the flu from spreading to the rest of the team, but noooo, Me, the manager himself managed to get infected. Isn't it a wonder, how a flu can spread from a computer game to a human? Fascinating! (The alternative explanation would be because i was under the rain 2 days ago, which sounds rather reasonable compared to the game theory.) To round up, i also have a slight sorethroat and fever. Nothing to say really..except WOOHOOO!!!

Well, now to my ongoing jobhunt. About 2 weeks ago, i made the decision that i would find a 'temporary' job here in Limbang for about 6-12months. Initially i planned to go straight to kuching and work there after my practical last year, November. Then i thought i wanted to celebrate Christmas with my family, so i postponed my departure to early January. Well, as it occured, i was looking at the almanac for 2006 and i noticed CNY would fall on Jan 29. So what the heck, i wanna have CNY here with my family and grandparents, as for the past 4 years i have been away during CNY. So i set a new date for my trip to Kuching, a few days after CNY.

However, there were more drama happening. Being at home here, it gave me a picture of what my parents are and have been going through. The bills, loan payments etc etc. They have spent alot during my course of study in Kuching, allowances, rental etc but they are still feeling the strain even when i'm here. With dad retiring in June, things are just gonna get harder. Should i proceed with my plan to go to Kuching just after CNY, i would need some cash in advance from my parents. And that's not what i want from them now as i realised. So i thought of a brilliant plan, or it was given to me by God in a way hehe where i would be staying here for sometime. As much as i'd like to be in Kuching, to hangout with my friends etc, i feel that i need to put family first at this moment.

There are several advantages of working temporarily here, huge ones in fact. First, i get to save money when it comes to accomodation, food and transportation. Of course i'll chip in for the bills, and petrol. But it would still save me a lot compared if i was in kuching. Not to forget the education loan that i have to pay every month :( roughly about Rm 550. The only disadvantage of this plan would be feeling dull and bored as my buddies are all in Kuching.

Now the job options.

Option 1 : I will send in my application for the post of a temporary teacher on wednesday perhaps, just need to get passport sized photos for the form. For a graduate, the pay aint bad, from unofficial sources its about Rm 1200 per month. With that pay i could set aside Rm 350 - Rm 450 per month for savings.

Option 2 : I just got news from my mum yesterday after she got back from my aunt's house. Turns out that my aunt's neighbour is some bigshot of some sort at the local Maybank. And she asked my mum about me, what i am currently doing. Well here's the interesting news, she then said that i could apply for a position (unknown) in the bank with her recommendation to back it up. Something like i would be taking over her position because she was promoted to a different place, i dunno its all still unclear to me. Plus, i have the option to choose the local branch or 1 in Miri. Hmmmmmmm....

Commentary : I have never imagined myself as a teacher, even a temporary one or a bank officer. But at this point i need to consider every option that comes my way. And both these options are currently the best i can have here in Limbang (aint a big place peoples, so limited job opportunities). Both would have a decent pay (enough to pay my loan, spending & savings). While the teacher thingy would be interesting indeed, the bank option is largely an unknown to me. I still dont know what the position is and i have never fancied a job in a bank. But after some thought, i'd give it a shot. The experience would help me in the future. But still, it gives me the creeps as i dont have a strong Finance background. So help me God! LoL

I guess that should be all for now, i need to take a shit. Looking forward for the Chinese New year!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A new book

Ah well, it's already the 3rd day of the year 2006. How time flies. As much as i have liked it, i havent had the chance to write something at the end of 2005. But it's not too late to do so aint it?

So here's 2005 highlights in review:
1. Finally entered my final year of study.
2. Had a crush.
3. Got really drunk on one of Dennis' farewell parties.
4. Man Utd lost in the FA Cup against Arsenal. A bitter defeat. That summed up the 04-05 season, as we were trophyless.
5. Celebrated my 24th birthday. And again in Kuching.
6. Fell in love? LoL
7. Struggling with projects & assignments with my 'band of brothers', though at times it wasn't all brotherly.
8. Ary moved in and became my roomate.
9. My underdog team finished 2nd in the inter-faculty streetsoccer competition. Lost 2-0 to the Burmese.
10. Injured my marriage finger (is this correct?) of my left hand during my usual streetsoccer game with the guys. Hurt like hell man!!! Doctor said its a tissue injury, but i really think its a fracture as it still don't look normal today.
11. Made my debut in a major competition with Chakwaw FC in a futsal knockout tournament. Led 1-0 early in the game but conceded 3 goals in the final 3 minutes to lose.
12. The so-called "Inti-banana street thugs" gang 'announced' its arrival in inti college by vandalising the bustop and starting fights with just about everyone.
13. Started playing futsal with Cammy & gang.
14. 9 am on a Saturday, August 6, 2005. Along the hallway of block H and towards H213.
15. Sat for my final exams, that would determine my destiny (yerdeh). Staying up till early morning throughout the week hitting the books and notes. Cannot forget the final day when i sat for my last paper, did it half asleep, literally man!!!
16. Started my internship at Limbang District Office for a month.
17. Finally graduated, on November 27, 2005.
18. Still in love? LoL