Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hidden Agendas

I won't go into the details, you guys can read more in the news and also Malaysia Today.

Here's how I see it, for the past few months groups mostly involving people of the ethnic majority have been calling for the teaching of Science and Mathematics to be reverted back to Bahasa Malaysia because many children, especially those not living in the cities are not proficient in English.

Then, we have another issue, a totally different one. People from the same ethnic majority have been questioning the use of Bahasa Malaysia Bibles and a certain word in particular. A minister even went to the extent of saying Christians have a hidden agenda of doing so.

My take; time and time again, federal leaders from the peninsular have showed not their deep understanding, but rather total ignorance and knowledge about the culture and people in the Borneo states. It's does not matter what religion or culture you practice, it's either their way or the highway. So this is what I predict of what to come in the future:

1. Citizens will be prohibited to write their text messages using shortforms. So instead pf typing 'Wtf'...we must type 'What the f..", well you get my point. It is said that this malaise is the work of the Mossad, though we are not told what specific threat it poses, we are assured that they have a hidden agenda.

2. Malaysians will have to spend 70% of their television watching time to watch local programmes (Astro suscribers included). Your decorder will automatically be deactivated if you violate the time limit. This is to make sure that our minds are not polluted by the evil Americans, and to some extent, the Brits. It was said that the decline in Malaysian football was caused by the popularity of the English Premier League shown on weekends. The Brits are said to have a hidden agenda.

3. Dictionaries will only have those that are Malay to Malay translation. This is to instill patriotism and also to ensure that the younger generations would not be colonised. Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka will guarantee that the Malay translation will show what the English translation would be like, get me? The Home Ministry announced that they have evidence that Oxford and Cambridge have sinister motives in publishing English dictionaries. While we are not told what those devious intents are, we can be confident in the Home Ministry's explanation that it is a hidden agenda.

Any other ideas?