Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sue me?

Yesterday I had a class with 2E in the 3rd and 4th periods, the class thats all talk, literally. They don't just talk alot, but when they do it they seem to wanna let the other classes know. For the boys, if they aren't talking, they'll be sleeping.

So there's this boy, we'll call him C. He is a sleeping machine. Together with boy A, they ought to be the undisputed sleeping kings in class. However, boy A usually finishes his exercise before dozing off. As for boy C, I don't really remember ever having a conversation with him. When I'm teaching, he's sleeping. When the rest are doing their exercise, he's in paradise.

Yesterday's weather was pretty chilly and gloomy with a little drizzle. You'd expect half the class to be dozing off. But everybody was looking pretty energetic when I came in. Boy C was alive and arm wrestling with some of the boys. So I chided him that since he was full of energy that day, I expect him to copy down the literature notes that I'd be writing on the board. If he was to fall asleep, "Saya ketuk palak nanti."

So after giving 2 chapters of notes, I turned around to see boy C in his usual posture, head on the table, sleeping. So as I was walking over, his buddies were trying to wake him up to no avail. Standing right beside him, he woke up and looked up at me for a second and went back to sleep. So I "tepuk" his back once. Nothing. Another "tepuk". The dude woke up, looked in front for a while and went back to his sleeping posture. So what the heck, 2 more "tepuks", to which he raised his arm pushing my hand away.

Boy C then said in Iban, something like "Stupid, why hit people, so nice already i sleep." Maybe the little thought I do not understand the language. Bad call. So I told him nicely of course, "Itu bukan pukul, itu supaya kamu terbangun la." He went on in Iban, "Stupid, that was painful." (Notice that he mentioned 'Stupid' twice, or to be exact "Belik", which is Iban for stupid la.)

Me: Aiks?! Pandai pulak kamu complain.

Boy C: Sakit bah! Kalau mau bangun orang, cubalah picit-picit.

Me: *WTF* Macam lah saya tidak pernah buat macam itu dulu dengan kamu. Awal-awal tadi sudah saya warning yang saya tidak mau tengok kamu tidur. Sudahlah satu perkataan pun tidak salin.

Boy C went on about picit-picit.

Me: Ah, siapa suruh kamu ni lembik.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh the weekend..i can see it from here

First of all I would like to express my sadness and anger on the death of little Nurin. The description on how she looked like when they found her, was sickening to the stomach to say the least. To her parents, my deepest condolences and *censored* you too for being outrageously irresponsible. SHOCKING! They sent their own daughter to her death. And eventually, dragged the education system into the mess. Our PM now wants a single-session system for all schools. I would probably be drained if that was to happen now. I mean, with mental torture already in place from 7 am to 12.40 pm, you gotta endure another 3 hours or so of physical endurance. Woohoo!

Had a chat with my 2F boys today during the last 2 periods. They asked me stuff about myself. I talked about college life. Movies. How to improve one's English in a less dull way. And ultimately, why they should always tuck-in their school uniform.

I told them I understand partly why they like to leave their shirts out. To look cool. The rocker image etc. They questioned why should there be a rule to disallow them from doing so. So I picked a boy who was in a total mess and called him upfront to be a prop. Then I told him to tuck in his shirt, which he did. I asked the boys whether he looked less crappy. They all thought so. I also added, the combination of colours of their uniform doesn't look good when they leave their shirt out. Which was partly horsesh*t :p.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Poslaju guys came and gave me this!

Yeah baby yeah! (the Austin Powers way). Finally I am a proud owner of this sexy thang! Next, the 07-08 Manchester United Home Kit!

It's back to school tomorrow. I guess I don't really dread the idea these days. Even if I have to wake up before 5.25 am every weekday. Check-in just before 6.45 am almost every weekday, no matter how early I get in the car. Somebody's probably fixing my schedule without me knowing. School's fun. My desk and seat aren't the cosiest, not to mention my view. Canteen's more than 100 meters away, and when you get there you don't have the luxury of even a fan to keep you cool. The kids can be such pain in the arse, they being ignorant and arrogant when your're trying to help them. What the heck, I don't even know where I'm going with this piece.

I miss my buddies. Money ain't nothing without them to share it with.

Anyhows, here's a random conversation I had with a student.

Me: Mackinney, why did you write these as your answers?

Mackinney: Why? What's wrong, sir?

Me: All the answers can be found easily in the passage. I want you to redo this exercise. And read the passage for the answers.

Mackinney: But teacher, my answers, itu semua dari hati saya.

So how was everyone's weekend? Not too bad I hope. Well wish you guys a wonderful week ahead.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does whatever a Spiderpig does. Can he swing, from a web? Not he can't, he's a pig...LOOK OUT! Here comes the Spiderpiggg.

It was in the news a couple of days ago. Not spiderpigs. But a standoff between alleged illegal pig farmers and the authorities.

Spiderpig....damn I love The Simpsons!

Grandad, he's in great spirits and good shape. You won't have imagined he was awfully sick in the hospital bed some weeks ago. His smile says it all. In fact, I think he's never looked as good looking as before! LoL

Anyhows, it's the end of a hectic week for me. Have been awfully busy with schoolwork that I forgot how it felt to have a decent evening nap, let alone a wonderful goodnight's sleep. Was so deprived of sleep that during my free periods spent in the staffroom, I've had to fight off the urge to fall asleep.

There was one instant, where I just closed my eyes, and *poof* I went straight to dreamland! Right at my desk! I think it lasted only for a few seconds, because I woke up as my body was slowly tilting into empty space.

For once, I actually wished I had a full daily schedule for that week. Being caught sleeping at work would definitely give me a bad rep. Even worse if I would snore. God have mercy on my colleagues if that would happen.

In fact, I think the staffroom setting didn't help as well. Unlike my time at SMK Kubong where we had cubicles, it's open here, as you can see in the picture. And to make matters worse, I have a crappy view from my seat.

So on Friday afternoon, I took a well deserved nap. I think the word "Nap" is an understatement. I dozed off by 3pm, and woke up sometime around 9.30 at night HaHaHa.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Take me away

It's 5 minutes after 5 in the evening. I just woke up from an almost 2 hours nap :) . Finally I have no exam papers to mark and most importantly my exam analysis etc is done and dusted! That is why I can afford the luxury of some sleeping time. So finally today, I can get on with real teaching in the classrooms.

There are just so many things to write about actually.

I finally have some identity on me now. I've got a new driving license for starters. But it bloody cost me RM 50. 20 bucks worth of fine, and the rest for a 1 year renewal. earlier my wallet was already 30 bucks lighter when I went to apply for a new IC. To help myself feel good, I keep reminding myself its all worth it. I mean, finally I will look different on my IC. A more decent, nice guy look. No more paikia aka samseng photo lookalike. So I guess God has answered an unprayed prayer. If I had not lost my wallet, I would not be getting a new IC. HaHa.

Talking about God, I think I have given everything unto Him. I mean, I have put my complete trust and faith in Him regarding what I do, what I will do, what will happen etc. It feels good. I have no more worries about what would happen in the future. My hopes and my dreams, I commit unto Him. He da Man!

I miss playing badminton. Haven't been playing for almost a month now. Gonna go this Friday. Hopefully they're still playing lah.

Also I would like to take this time to welcome a new addition to the Yeo family. No I did not get married. Zephyr Yeo, newborn son of my cousin Jeremy & dearest wife Leonora. Who next? HeHe

I've just downloaded an excellent rip of The Simpsons Movie.

This is my little cousin Litad. My mom's namesake. She turned 3 in April. This picture was taken last year when she was still 2. She reminds me of Maggie from The Simpsons hahaha. I can say that Litad is my cutest..most adorable cousin!

Can't wait for the weekend to arrive! Sleepfest! As a matter of fact, I've already set plans to sleep the whole evening tomorrow ngehehee.