Saturday, April 26, 2008

Used to be him

It's a Saturday. A real Saturday.

The worst is over. I hope. It has been a hectic week to say the least. Rushing to complete my assignments that are due. Extra lectures. Crap extra curricular activities. Sleeping late. Waking up early. It was really bad that I literally thought my head was going to burst, literally. Shows you sometimes the pressure is so tremendous that you would actually believe something like that could happen. But I got through, safely, with my head still intact :p.

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but in lectures, my name has been synonymous with sleep. Back when we just started the course, I found it really tough to be sitting through lectures for 5 straight hours etc. So there were a couple of times where I fell asleep in some lectures.

I don't have a particular thing to write, just glad I could write/type. Going to get a haircut after this. And something happened very recently that has made me really happy. Something that sometimes leave me smiling to myself. Guess it has made me a happy idiot.

Here's a thought. Most people, young people, don't dig patriotic songs, myself included. Some people despise the government etc so much that they even make fun/hate the national anthem etc (I'm not referring to that Malaysian dude in Taiwan). I believe we should give respect where it's due. There are just some things you just have to draw a line to. If one would just listen, and I mean listen, our National Anthem is actually a beautiful song. I was actually glad the reverted to the old slow version instead of the upbeat one. In fact, the slower version brought more meaning to it. Maybe one day we could see the words in "Negaraku" would come to past. Our Sarawak's state anthem is also a nice piece. In fact I think it is an amazing song to sing to. The lyrics, the melody, just beautiful. I don't believe the other states' anthems would be even half as wonderful.

It's the make or break match against Chelsea tonight. God speed!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finally! Finally, finally, finally. Finally I'm able to blog. I have been bogged down with gigatonnes of assignments, projects, tasks and awful wireless internet connection for the past 1-2 weeks! There were dozens of things to do that I honestly had difficulty keeping up and even to the extent of forgetting to do a couple of assignments. Then there is this problem with the f*cking wireless internet connection that we have here. We have access to free wireless service provided by a local company, but it is inaccessible for most of the time. Then there's the wireless service provided at the library, but is also inaccessible for most of the f*cking time. SO as you can see, our internet is pretty much f*cked to say the f*cking least.

I'm able to blog now because this week has been a breath of fresh air as most lecturers are away, so we have dozens of free periods. And, we are able to spend more time relaxing and also right now, blogging. At the moment I'm at the top floor of the campus where the wireless signal is strongest.

Ever since our monthly allowances had been released, non-academic life has been so much better. We can now afford to enjoy cafeteria food with less b*tching about the unreasonable prices. We can also indulge ourselves with more costly meals. As for myself, I've made some big money purchases over the past 2 months. They may not be as costly as what others have splashed their cash on, but at least I spend within my means and with my own money. Now if only I could hire someone to tidy up my half of the room.

I'll be going to a school for what they call school-based experience, for 2 weeks starting next Monday. It will be extremely nice to be out of campus, even if its only for half of the day. And the best thing is that I won't have to attend lectures as well, woohoo!

I asked a friend to take a proper picture of me the other day. I guess it's the only proper picture of me that I've taken in the past months or even years! So I avoided making any stupid poses that I would definitely do usually. I wanted it to be good. Not perfect, but decent enough. No stupid faces, no silly gestures, no nonsense. So this was the result:

Maybe it's just me, but I think there's something silly about that picture. Hahaha