Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Locked and loaded

So I'm posted near home, well back home.

The school I'll be going to, a big challenge. A place where my abilities will be tested to the max perhaps. Pull no punches, throw everything even including the kitchen sink. People don't give KPLI graduates much credit. We have to work twice as hard, twice as good in order to be equally recognised. We were already being doubted even when we were still in the institute. Already facing accusations of wrongdoings that we did not do. We were already seen as failures and unwanted in the profession. We are nothing, just worthless bunch of thrash who are wannabe teachers. Back in the institute, we were despised due to us belonging to the 4 letter acronymed programme. Administrators, lecturers, the degree KIDS and etc. Basically it was us against the world.

I've been reading some stuff being said about us by the ijazah pendidikan graduates in the internet, and it is surprising and downheartening to see graduates having such shallow thinking. We are graduates too, albeit of different fields. But we do not have such narrow point of view. Perhaps it just shows that those kids doing their degrees at the institutes are not exposed and lack depth. One word of advice to you kids, grow up! (okay, two words.)

On a different front, while I appear to bash individuals in the ruling party and etc, I would not say I am pro-opposition. In fact, I think both sides can be such jokers, even those in the opposition. One side talks too much crap, and the other side questions too many stupid issues sometimes. Malaysian politics is a circus.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'll know where I'm gonna be posted this Saturday. I'm altogether nervous and excited!!! Right now, every single plans I have goes out the window. I need to know where I'm posted, before I start picking them up again. I made a wishlist for 2009 a couple of months ago, there will probably be changes to it, depending on my posting. I know 1 thing that's for sure, I need to get myself a new pair of casual/multirole shoes.

My Adio got stolen the day after I got back from my BTN course. Then there's Sudirman (not the late artiste) who lost his football boots. It is disappointing to know that this happened in a teacher training institute. We KPLI have been getting dissed and screwed now and then, but we don't steal stuff, especially not from fellow trainees. But these kids who enter the institute after secondary school, they need to get their sh*t right. So anyways, I'll definitely be getting a new pair of Adio. Their designs are very very cool. Not too fancy, not too cheapish... just great!

Be going off to Kota Kinabalu with the family later today.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A couple of days ago, I read an article on Malaysia Today. It was a satirical interview with our dearest Home Minister. It was clearly stated that it was just a satire, and a very funny one.

Today I read that the Minister concerned was angry with Malaysia Today about that.

“It is very irresponsible and the article misleads the people,” he said, adding that the article was written to make him look stupid.

A real mature grown up guy would have taken the mock interview lightly or at most, with a good sense of humour. That type of man would have responded in an intelligent manner or probably even crack a joke himself. I would have done that, definitely.

But that quote was the response from the minister. That's totally childish and made him sounded like a 6 year old crybaby being laughed at by a 3 year old girl.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back in town

Gosh! The last time I posted was Raya. I guess this post is long overdue.

Well, I've just completed my training. I'm back home, bumming and being unproductive. Actually I am being quite productive. Ever since I got back, I've been sh*tting frequently everyday, beyond my usual output. I won't say I have diarrhoea because my droppings weren't the watery types that is associated with that sickness. I have been producing proper decent looking crap. Hmm, that was gross.

Anyhows, so I have been back for 4 days now. Strange but I am adjusting to life back home. I now have access to luxuries that did not exist back in my hostel. But at the same time, I am missing some things. I miss walking to the bathroom with my pail for my bath. I miss hanging out with Pang and Ig in their room, talking nonsense, discussing and debating, and watching our weekly selected drama series on Pang's television set (the only room with a television set). I miss my hostelmates, especially those on my floor. I miss my classmates. I really miss playing football in the evenings. Obviously there are a whole load of stuff that I am missing.

Well, that was the end of another chapter. Now I wait for my new adventure. I will be able to know my posting sometime before Christmas. Very excited! I am actually hoping to be posted in the interior. People would probably doubt that. But as long as I don't have to travel using rivers, I won't mind at all. I have been setting my mind about this during my last month in the institute. I am pumped up and ready to go. But my gut feeling tells me I might be disappointed when posting comes out. All I leave to God. He knows best. I've been told my family members (not my parents) to pray hard so that I will be posted nearby. So obviously I'm not praying for that, nor have I been praying for my wish to be sent to the interior. Oh well.

Oh, last month I went for a course, the Biro Tata Negara thingy. Very tempted to share what went on. But then I am bound by some Secrecy Act, and I would be risking alot if I spilled the beans LOL.

It's 5.10 in the morning. The Manchester United - Aalborg match is almost ending. I'm hungry. So I'm out!