Monday, September 11, 2006

Racism is pathetic, it makes you sick to the stomach. Being someone who mixes around with people from diverse ethnicities, racist statements bother me alot. Just recently our country celebrated it's 49th Independence Day. For the first time in my life, if not the scond, I had veyr very little or no enthusiasm about it. There have been lots of news, on tv and the papers these days touching on racial issues. I'm not trying to stir up a hornet's nest here, nor am I trying to provoke.

It's a pity that certain quarters or even certain minority races have been branded as unpatriotic. I don't know the real situation. But whatever it is, i think these people cannot be blamed. How can you blame someone when he/she has been called a "Pendatang" or Immigrant? Imagine you are a guy having this relationship with a girl. And imagine this girl expect your undivided loyalty and devotion. She wants you to love her with all your pathetic little fucking heart. That is do-able, right, i agree. But, when you consider another fact, she actually hates you. To her, you are just a bastard, a nobody who's lucky "to be with" her, and enjoy all her the "love" and "care". I hope you get my point, because i cannot elaborate further. My mind has been distracted *grins*

Ok, till next time, I'm off!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing. At the moment, I'm considering 2 mobile phones as my potential new one. It's between Sony Ericsson's K800i and Nokia's N73. So I have been doing quite a few "research" on the Net, looking at reviews and shit like that. Right now, i'm still undecided. But the pendulum is swinging the N73's way just a little harder.

And one last thing. I just noticed that I have been typing in proper English...........................................