Saturday, March 15, 2008

In one's shoes

Ever wonder what it's really like being a superhero? I mean, seriously, what we know are from movies, and movies aren't real, they're just acted out by actors. Sometime last year though, I was given the opportunity to have a sneak-peak of one of the more well known superhero.

Yup, I'm talking about Spiderman. But not the one acted by Toby Maguire though. I'm talking about the real deal here.

Anyways, as we all know, thanks to excellent education from the media, Spiderman, behind his suit, is a normal person. So when he wears his suit, he becomes Spiderman. So the first thing Spiderman does before going on to save the world and what nots, is to put on his spidey-suit.

The spidey-suit is Spiderman. Without it, Spiderman just isn't Spiderman. The suit provides the much needed protection for his human body against blows from the bad guys. And unlike Superman, Spidey here wears his undies inside.

Next, Spidey or just about any other superheo needs to be physically fit. He doesn't need the body of Goldberg or John Rambo, but just enough muscles would do.

Yes, enough muscles to scare any kindergarten bully away. Besides being able to project a macho image, a superhero or Spidey here to be exact, needs his muscles to do what he does best....

Climbing up walls.