Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Movie Review : Miami Vice

Okay, so I am slow. Being in a small town that has no cineplex, and shops that sells pirated dvds like some government uncontrolled item, not too mention the lack of quality (some pirated dvds are of decent quality for those who dont know).
I only got to watch the movie few hours ago. I bought it sometime last year during my trip to Kota Kinabalu. Haven't got the time to watch it. And when I did have the time, the TV set at home isn't in the condition where one could enjoy a movie. Watching movies is a big thing to me. I hate disruptions, and companions who ask alot of questions or talks alot about stuffs unrelated to the movie. And when I watch a movie, I intend to finish it there and then.
Back to the topic at hand. Having read some reviews about the movie, also having watched the ads and trailer, it was a total disappointment. The trailer and ads depicted the movie as some action-packed, kick-ass, punch-in-your-face experience. Reviews were decent to say the least. The line up itself was convincing on paper; Colin Farrell & Jamie Foxx.
Okay, so it had a slow start. Not a problem. But halfway through it, I got turned off. For some 10 or 15 minutes, I watched scenes of Farrell & Gong Li seducing each other or whatever crap. From the boat ride till the next morning after a night of love-making. That was pure sh*t. And thats not a compliment. Why the heck did the producer come up with that? Nothing important ever happened during that run. No important dialogues. No important information for the audience.
The kick-ass scene only happened towards the end of the movie. But it wasn't much. Which was followed by another run of lovey dovey between Farrell & Gong Li. I mean, f*ck, did I watch an action movie or what? I don't mind if there are some bits of romance thrown in action films. But Miami Vice left me wondering if I just watched a love story with some action in it. My Cousin Davin who watched it with me couldn't agree more. This is probably the type of movie that your girlfriend/wife/mom would enjoy watching with you. For the males who are action purists, forget it. I rate it 2 out of 5.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

License to kick

My school had our sports day last saturday and then Monday til Tuesday. Monday and yesterday's session were exhausting cause of the full day schedule. Especially Tuesday cause it was a hot sunny day. So obviously I was completely burnt out when I got home yesterday evening. Went to bed after doing my shower and laundry, and that was around 6.30pm. Woke up around 8.30pm to pee and felt hungry so I went downstairs had a quick dinner and went back to sleep til the next morning. Shows how tired I was.
Was sleepy and still feeling abit tired today at school. So were most of the teachers, and students. Had a sit-in in a 3C, my former class during the 6th period, and half the class were sleeping. And since they weren't making much noise and I had no one to talk with, I almost fell asleep myself. The next period, I had another sit-in with 4A, my one and only class for now. I could have opted to have some lessons since they are a bit behind schedule. But we're all tired.
After 5mins, I noticed that there was an "illegal alien" in the classroom, meaning someone from another class. One of infamous Geng Rayau (this group literally merayau-rayau around the block during classes, sukati keluar even when teachers are in their class) in school. The most hardcore problematic group of students. He was sitting with my students in a group, and his gf who's in my class was beside him of course. I went up to them at the back and told him NICELY (with a smile lagik!) that he had to leave. He asked for 5mins. In the spirit of Valentines Day, I allowed him so.
I gave him not 5mins, but 15mins. Then another illegal alien entered the class from the backdoor unnoticed and hung out with the first "alien". But I saw the wanker and decided that Happy Hour is over for both of them. So in my usual fashion, I walked to the back slowly with arms crossed, and said that those who are not from this class should leave now (again I did so nicely). The 2nd wanker ran out of the class. But the first one stayed, unmoved. What do you expect from a hardcore student who do not give a damn about the principal or disciplinary teachers. Some AhBeng who thinks he's all that just because he's a national player in a particular sport. So I told him nicely that I have been very generous by giving more than 5 mins. And that he should leave. Ah Beng remained unmoved while giving the "so what, fuck you" look. So I told him calmly and NICELY, that I can't force him to leave, but he should. Ah Beng stood his ground. At that moment, gf was tugging at his arm, motioning him to leave. Ah Beng maintained his position.
So what would you do if you were in my position? As a teacher who is bound by rules. That kids should be protected even if they are being assholes who dont give a fuck about who you are. Kids who think they're all that and have no fucking respect for you. Yelling would do no good. Making a report with the disciplinary teachers won't have any effect. You can't do shit. When a student does this, you can't do shit. A scolding won't do much.
Already being really tired, and now faced with this asshole, I didn't need that. That very moment I felt like locking his head with my arms and then smash him with the chair. But I can't do that. My contract would be terminated. Parents will take action. And the newspapers will report that a teacher had bashed up a helpless and innocent student. A student who is a victim of an evil teacher. Then it will become a big issue and start a national outcry against teachers. And the Minister of Education, Dato Hishammudin will promise to the people that he will take stern action against me. Then I will be in hell. And nothing will be mentioned about the Ah Beng. So for those who read with cynicism (including Mr Hishammudin himself) some time back when the Teachers Union President said that alot of teachers suffer from stress, think again. You won't wanna be in our shoes.
On a brighter note it's not too late to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. This has been the 4th year running that I don't have a date for this special occasion hahaha. Nasiblah, mun sekda gerek.
Anyhows, here are some pics I took during the sports meet.

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Superstars...not. HAHA. Some of the students I know posing at my station (athletes registration section). Here you can see Koh aka RockDude from my previous posts. He's the one in the foreground, with the stuff in his mouth. Just behind him is his younger brother, Engkas, self-proclaimed bodyguard of mine.

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Athletes from Blue House (my sports house). L-R: Raymond, Frederick, Ricky...the annoying faggot. But a faggot that could sprint like hell.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting food and free drinks.

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Section boss Mr Khairuddin.

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The group of kids I hung out with at the side of the track. Bunch of clowns and naughty. But at least they weren't rude and disrespectful like them fucking Ah Bengs. The guy in the red & white striped shirt in the foreground owes me a drink. We had a bet on which House will win the 400m relay and he lost.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

For the love of the game

Sepak takraw. A game that's alien to quite alot of people in this country, especially the non-Bumiputras. It's an interesting game to watch, really. The closest I've come into contact with that sport was during PJK periods back in school. Anyways, my school was the venue for the Sarawak Primary Schools Inter-Division Tournament from Wednesday til yesterday. And since I only teach for 5 periods in a week, I have something to watch for the past couple of days at the hall.

So the hall was filled with kids in their respective team jerseys, Kuching, Betong, Sibu, Miri, Sarikei and of course my homeboys. Generally these little guys were....well, little. Only 3-4 boys were those you would consider tall. The rest were shorter than the net!!

It's no doubt that it wouldnt be that interesting to watch these little guys play as compared to the secondary school students. Can't blame them. They are too short to make those acrobatic moves/kicks, and a lower level of technique. But still, I was glued. The initial reason was the fact that I've got nothing else better to do LOL. Then later it was purely because of them kids. The little guys.

I've watched people, adults, play sports, team sports to be exact alot of times. And i've played some myself. And at times things get very competitive, even when its not a competition. And some guys, they tend to take things a little bit too seriously. You see finger-pointings after a mistake. You see an angry face at a poor pass. You see teamates yell at each other. But watching the kids the other day absolutely brought this feel good feeling to me.

The kids seemed to enjoy the game. Very often, I would see smiles. Even when there were mistakes commited by a teamate or miscommunications. They still smiled at each other while saying a few words of encouragement. Even those on a side that's trailling or losing. This is probably something trivial, not a big deal for some people. But I find this amazing. This should be an example for adults. Not that the kids weren't serious. Of course they all wanted to win. But in their pursuit of victory, they had the time and space for the little things that is often overlooked in the adult world.

It was unfortunate that my homeboys didn't win. But they did put up a good fight against the city boys from Kuching and Sibu.