Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2 double-o-7

Just got back from sports practice and doing some stuff to my ride's battery. The dang thing was flat when I was about to leave home for school yesterday morning. One problem after another. At least this time I wasn't stranded or having to do some pushing in the middle of nowhere, dark and raining.
Okay, I just thought of the things that I want/need for 2007. If I get the temporary teacher job (temporary teacher is different from a contract/relief teacher) that would be great and I would be able to get all these stuff. So here's the list, which does not indicate priority.
1. Digital Camera. Something decent for taking photos. Probably something with at least 5.o megapixels. Something priced within the rm600 - rm900 range. No particular model in mind yet. Would be doing my research soon. Hopefully before my birthday.
2. Watch. Shit, I've been wanting to buy this since last year. Never gave serious thought (and budget allocation!) about it though hehe. So I will get one this year. I NEED it. Then I won't have to ask the students what time it is. My preference would be Adidas, BUM and Swatch, in that order. Budget of rm150 - rm250.
3. Man United Jersey. Enough said.
4. Laptop or PC. Yet to make up my mind. Would need some serious saving if I chose the laptop. But it would be great as it would be easy to bring around.
5. Shoes. Casual, formal and sports. Also maybe a pair of boots.
So I hope to God that I get the temporary teacher job, which I will know before CNY. The teachers I talked to were optimistic. Should I land that job, it would mean I'll be teaching at least until the end of the year. And my salary would be paid monthly. And not to mention the end of the year bonus.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Double Digest

I. 'Stranded'

As usual on Wednesday nights, I'll be off playing badminton at the school hall. And at night, especially after 10pm, only the main block, hostels and guard post will have the benefit of lighting. So we wrapped up just after 10.20pm. With 5 of us being the last to leave. That night I didn't want to be the last to leave, banyak gilak dengar cerita hantu bah lately hehe. Because the parking bay is dark as there are no lights there switched on. So Mos left first on his bike in the rain. Pian, Nizan and Deli were car pooling. So I quickly started the engine as those 3 guys were still lepaking around Pian's car. Mission accomplished, I wasn't the last to leave.
My school is located about 800m to 1km from the main road. The small road that we have to travel along before reaching the main road is filled with potholes. There are no streetlights and houses along the way, with trees and tall bushes on both sides. I probably drove for almost 300m when the car's engine seemed to be dying, and it finally stopped. So there in the dark night and rain, in the middle of "nowhere", I was stuck in a lifeless car. Attempts to start the engine failed. Few minutes later, the guys stopped beside me. And they decided that we should try and kickstart the car. So Deli got into the whell while the 3 of us pushed the car. It isnt easy doing it in total darkness and on a road filled with potholes. Not too mention the rain. I think we tried 4 times to no avail. So we entered our cars, with me trying helplessly to start the engine while they parked along side and kept me company. Invaluable company!!! Imagine if I was the last to leave as always, I'd be stuck there alone man.
So I decided to leave the car there and settle whatever the problem is the next day. But the guys being ever helpful offered to push the car back to school where it is much safer. Had the mechanic to look at the car this evening, the problem was the fuel pump. Minyak sik sampai destination. I was f*cked, but I didn't lose my patience or temper or my mind lastnight. Instead, we had some good laughs and jokes. So I would again like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Pian, Deli and Nizan for being such awesome buddies.

II. Teacher 101 (Episode 2)

Had sports practice today. So I was there to observe those athletes that were practising their javelin and disc throwing, and also shot putt...putting? Was cut short due to the rain that started to fall. So after making sure the kids kept the stuff in the store, I hung out with some students at the benches, while watching the 5000m walking athletes doing their thing around the block. Rock Dude (RD) was there. Just as I was approaching them, they started pointing to a direction while saying, "Cepat cikgu!". When I looked at that direction, I saw Miss H walking back to the staff room (you would have to read my previous post Teacher 101 to know the story). WTF! seems like those guys are still at it. So I took my seat with them and talked about other stuff. Besides RD, another 2 boys were there. Asf whom I knew from the Futsal Club and also because of his reputation and another dude (AD). Somehow the subject of conversation returned to me & Miss H.

RD: Cikgu, kenapa tidak kejar tadi?

Me: Tidak perlu lah. Buat apa mauk kejar.

AD: Rugi nanti cikgu.

RD: Yalah, Miss H itu bagus bah. Dia tidak macam banyak cikgu lain yang slalu marah-marah.

Asf: Betul itu cikgu, dia baik.

Me: (just listen and act uninterested)

RD: Cikgu, kamu rasa Miss H itu cantik tak?

Me: Itu saya tidak mau komen laaa, nanti kamu guna komen saya.

Then those 3 boys pestered me for an answer.

Me: Ok Ok! Ya, dia ok lah. (playing it cool, mun padah kacak, ada2 jak klak)

All 3: Haaaa!! (all 3 laughed).

RD: Memang boleh ini.

Asf: Cepat cikgu, kami sokong cikgu nanti.

The conversation went on for a while till i finally managed to change the subject until I left.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Teacher 101

New teaching assignment today. Won't be teaching those 4 Form3 classes anymore. Sigh...just when we were starting to get along. But I guess it's just right, its better for a 'real' or more experienced teacher to guide them for their PMR. So I only had 1 period for today, and was given 2 sit-ins. One of the sit-ins was for a Form 5 class. So as usual, I would identify the 'big shots' in the class. One of my 'hearts and minds' strategy :p. It's been tested and proven...by me. So there was this 1 guy i kinda got to know. But i forgot his name lah. Just 'Rock dude'.
Dude: Cikgu, siapa nama cikgu?
Me: Benjamin. kamu?
Dude: (I forgot what he said)
Dude: cikgu rock ka? (while showing me the 'rock' sign)
Me: (shows the 'rock' sign) rock-rock juga...tapi mesti control la
So this evening I was in school for sports practice. Was assigned to Blue House for the upcoming inter-house sports. Can't ponteng because the chief personally asked me to take over to oversee the atheletes as he'd be attending a meeting. So there I was, hanging out with the big shots who were practising their javelin and disc throwing. Actually, the boys were alright. I guess it isnt much a problem for me since I hang out with the same kind of crowd back in school too :p. It's just the Ah Beng types that I just can't click with.
The last half hour or so, Cikgu H, a teacher whom I think is kinda pretty came over. Great, we were in the same House :p. But somehow we're only on 'smiling' terms hehe. Malu-malu kali hehehe. So the boys were probably distracted and did more talking with her then throwing the javelins. I was, on the other hand making sure these 2 Form 1 boys could 'master' disc throwing.
I wrapped up practice early. And i went to watch the sprinters and long-jumpers. Then 'Rock Dude' (RD) came. And we had some chat. Turned out he was a nice person. Not the intectually bright student, but more of a technical person. So i took the opportunity to spur him on. Encouraging him, that someday his skills might take him places and big bucks. So the conversation then steered towards me.
RD: Cikgu driving atau guna moto? (in Limbang, moto would mean a motorcycle, whilst in Kuching it would be a car)
Me: Drive
RD: Sorang saja cikgu?
Me: yea, sorang saja.
RD: Kenapa takda teman cikgu? (grins)
Me: Tak tau. Takpa jugak.
RD: Kereta apa cikgu? Evo ka?
Me: Mana ada duit mau beli Evo!!
RD: (laughs) Yalah cikgu oh, mau duit pakai kawin lagik nanti.
Me: Apalah kamu ni. Mana la cikgu ada fikir mau kawin lagi. Kerja tidak steady. gerek pun tidak ada. (damn i let that one slip)
RD: Aduh, kenapa takda gerek cikgu? tidak patut ini.
Me: Nasiblah.
RD: Cikgu tackle cikgu perempuan yg tadi lah.
Me: (raised my eyebrow) cikgu mana satu?
RD: Yang tadi tempat kamu orang berlatih melontar-lontar
Me: Oooohhhhh
RD: (Grins) Aahh itu lah. Saya tengok dari jauh, memang cun cikgu.
Me: Sempat lagik kamu
RD: (still grinning) Betul cikgu, memang cun. Saya imagine kalau cikgu dengan dia masa kawin nanti, ngam cikgu!
Me: (laughs) Aaahh... apala kamu ni, macam-macam jak.
RD: Betul cikgu, kamu cuba lah.
Then I felt it was time to direct the conversation back at him. So today I received some lessons about women from a 17 year old.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Rackets and cocks...shuttlecocks

Last week, I've started to play badminton. After a long 5 years. And I mean 'competitive' badminton. Not the ones you play infront of the house with your dad or sister. 'Competitive' when one would dive for a dropshot, serious faces when making the serve and not too mention the fist-pumpings after a hardfought point.
My first outing was on Wednesday night. Only had 1 net since the rest were brought to Lawas by the school's badminton team. So we only played doubles and winners stay. During the warm up with Pian, I kept hitting the shuttle with the rims of my racket. Evidence of my rustiness. After a few more strokes, I began to get myself right. But my right arm began to have this slight pain. Again, signs of being rusty. And it didn't help that Pian had such strong hits.
So first game, paired with Mos. Towards the end of the 1st set, I began to tire like hell. In the 2nd set, I wished we had lost much sooner cause I just had to drag my legs around the court. If it was a singles game, I would have been down lying on the court. All in all that night, I played 3 games, all on the losing side and a sore right arm. The next evening after taking my nap...it wasn't just my arm that was sore. My whole body.
So our next session was on Friday night. Again we played with only 1 court. Still my my sore body, I played 3 games. Losing every single set again. But thankfully, and to my surprise, I didn't feel as tired as the previous session. All in all, it was great exercise and fun.

Pian and Deli (aka Rexy Mainaky)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to Skool

So today was my first day of work/teaching this year. Was to report for duty at the Principal's, and I guess I was abit late, or maybe just in time. When I entered the office's lobby, I saw familiar faces sitting there. Seems that these people were reporting for duty as well...as Guru Pengganti.
So then the principal called all half a dozen of us into the office. Told us about the offer, which we all accepted. Then he began to give out our assignments/timetables I was first, and I got English for 4 Form 3 classes. Not too bad. Though I'd prefer teaching Form 6, like last year. Then one young lady was assigned to teach English for a couple of Form 4 and Form 6. Which she expressed her doubts at doing that. And the Boss was persuading her to accept it, telling her it's not that hard. Hell, I wanted to tell her it's so much fun and if she wanted to exchange tasks with me. But didn't feel like doing so in front of the Boss :p.
Had 4 periods today. All after recess. First class, form 3A. Top class. Supposedly. Unlike the reception I received when I entered the Form 5 and 6 classes last year, these 15 year olds were pretty much subdued. And maybe abit intimidated by me. Shit, I was smilling all the while. After going through the introduction phase, I introduced myself, and asked if they had any questions. None. Not a single word was spoken. Silence. At least they could have just said, "No". Then I asked if anyone was from outside Limbang. That's when they started to talk bull about some being from Bangladesh etc. Great, finally the kids have loosen up. So I talked about the international dudes during my time at college. Silence. Serious faces. WTF!!!!
My next class...3B...was pretty much the same. I hope things would just get better next week.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Next Chapter

Happy New Year.

This is the 2nd day of 2007. I would have hoped to get a job by now. But nothing happened. Disappointed and frustrated..I was. Til this evening. I was doing my laundry at the back. While waiting for the machine to do its duty, I played Project Gotham Racing (PGR) on my cell. Good game i must add, great graphics for a game played on a mobile phone. If you played Asphalt 3D or something like that...trust me, PGR is way better.
Okay I got a bit sidetracked there. Well as I was cruising around a track...aiming to finish with the best time, my phone 'brought' me out of the game and to the main display...showing me an incoming call. And it was from the school were i taught sometime ago. The dude from the school office was pretty straight forward.

Dude: Cikgu Benjamin, ini dari SMK ******
Me: Yeah (wondered pleasantly,"wow they still call me cikgu")
Dude: Kamu sudah ada kerja?
Me: Belum lagi
Dude: Kalau macam itu, esok boleh datang ke sekolah untuk melapor diri dan mengajar?
Me: Ok boleh
Dude: Ok.
Me: Ok. terima kasih.
Dude:Ok cikgu

So...looks like it's not gonna be a bad start to my new year. Hopefully I get to teach for at least 3 months. Good money :p *ka-ching!*

Well I wish everyone else a pleasant journey through this new year.