Saturday, July 22, 2006


I had a dream lastnight
or was it this morning
It doesn't matter
It was about you
Somehow i woke up having this strange feeling
You had to leave in the dream
Just like you left 6 years ago
But in different circumstances
The dream left with me a strange kind of sadness
And also replayed all the memories i had of you
And now 6 years onwards
I am starting to wonder
Where are you
In fact i've always wondered
Where could you be

I still remember 7 years ago
First day of orientation
The first day i saw you
I actually wished that you'd be in my class
And that wish came truewe went on to be classmates
Small town boy meets big city girl
In a city not of our own

I still remember 7 years ago
The first week of class
When ferry commented to you
That i was probably an arrogant dude
But you said I was just a quiet guy
I still remember

I still remember 7 years ago
I'd miss my 4.30 bus after class
Just so that I could hangout at the stairs
Hoping i could just get a few minutesof talking to you before your car came
I still remember

I still remember 7 years ago
When you were absent from class for a week
I decided to call you
I remember stuttering
The nights when I made up reasons to call you
Just so I could hear your voice
I still remember

I still remember 7 years ago
We were the last persons left in class
The long conversation we had
Just standing there looking out the window
Waiting for you brother as usual
I remember that old lady we saw
Wearing that sexy outfit thinking she was 21
It was a moment that i didnt want to end
I still remember

I still remember 7 years ago
You called me
Just to wish me a happy valentines day
I still remember

I still remember 7 years ago
Tun Jugah
I had just bought something to be given to you
Even the gift wrappers and card
I remember bumping into you and your brother
I was abit panicky then
I remember holding all those stuffs behind my back
Keeping them away from your eyes
And the day i finally gave you the gift
After nearly 2 weeks of being gutless
I remember that glow on your face
I still remember

I still remember 7 years ago
When i got myself a crewcut
You thought it was real neat
I also remember the shock on Ms Poh's face
I still remember

I still remember 7 years ago
The Hotel school open day
We were stationed in the mock-up room
I remember bailing each other out
When we forgot what to say
I still remember

I still remember 6 years ago
Our last day of our final paper
The last day i saw you
The last time we talked
We didnt have much to say
I remembered the goodbyes
I still remember

6 years later
here i am typing this
After having a dream about you
Bringing me back to those times
All those pleasant little moments
and that bitter end
just like the dream
I've never thought about all these memories
until today
I still remember being captivated
By your confidence
Your sense of independence
and that smile
Your smile
I wonder if the candle is still with you
Wherever you may be
Most of all i wonder if you still remember me
Vaguely perhaps
I do not know what i felt then
And i do not know what i'm feeling now
There were many things i'd like you to know
Maybe i didnt know how
Maybe i didnt want to
Maybe you knew
Maybe you had no idea
but maybe sometimes somethings are best kept unspoken
I wasn't smooth with words anyway
I still doAnd
But i still remember you
So till then
This is from Limbang to Jakarta