Saturday, March 28, 2009

It is here!

I've finally got my hands on this baby! My dying Nokia N73 can finally retire in peace....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's exam week at the workplace. I had the last hour slot with my own class. So to keep them occupied while I mark the exam papers, I gave them each a piece of paper. Their task, draw whatever they want, as long as they don't turn the classroom into a zoo.

Below is what a student of mine drew. Still 7 year old, Nur Arifah. One of the tiniest student in my class, if not the most, but has one of the loudest ear piercing voice. Thank goodness she only uses that to say, "SIR!!!!" or cover her ears and shout "NOISY!!", when the class becomes a zoo.

The Art

The Artist

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tips for KPLI (1)

I noticed recent visitors arrived here after searching for KPLI tips. My friend Gramman called me just the other day that the iklan is already out. So it is my duty as a fresh KPLI graduate to assist those trying to get into the programme.

The first step is application. Filling in the forms online, and before that purchasing your PIN number at the nearest Bank Simpanan Nasional branch.

Second. Choosing the right course. Do your SWOT analysis here. I took English. #1 Because I had accumulated more than a year of teaching English as a temporary teacher. #2 Because I can't speak the level of Bahasa Melayu needed in teaching. #3 Because I like English. #4 Because I graduated with a degree awarded by a UK university. #5 Because I feel I have a very good (not excellent) command of the language. So based on all that (and prayers), choosing English was an obvious choice.

Third. If your application is successful, you will sit for the mTest. Yes, some people do not get to sit for the test, even after paying for the PIN and the hassles of filling up the online form. My advice is to get sample questions or past editions test papers. Not to study or revise like your younger years in university. But to familiarise yourself with the type of questions in the test. If you suck at Maths, I tell you this, forget opening up your old SPM Math books. I suck at calculations, even simple fractions. The math/add math paper was very tough for me. It was so tough that I reached the last question in probably 10-15mins....that is, without able to answer 95% of the questions. As for the 5%, I was sure I did correctly for half of that. Okay now I'm going to tell you something important, so read carefully. There will be a paper called INSAK, or something like that. It's like a personality quiz, with questions touching on your tendencies and stuff. Try to answer them as honestly as possible. Do not think too long for each question. Spend an average of 30-40 seconds ONLY for each question, for you are only given about half an hour to answer close to 150 questions. Based on what one of my lecturer told us, I'm telling you to maybe lie a little, regarding questions on physical and mental fitness. Show the selection panel that you are always positive and physically fit. It's been 2 months after my posting, and I can tell you that you really need to be positive and physically fit to be a teacher!

Also, please wear the appropriate clothes when sitting for the test. The safest bet for a girl/lady would be a baju kurung. Guys, pakai office wear lah. Plain shirt (it is better to wear long sleeves), put on your tie, slacks (not jeans or even soft jeans, NO NO!!!), and your kasut kulit. They place very high importance on how you present yourself when coming for the test. I have seen with my own eyes, candidates get scolded and some even turned away because of their dressing. It's only half a day, so bear with the formal wear lah.

This is all for now. Next, I'll be touching on the next step, after the test.