Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bon Appeteeee

I did something last night. Since it is the school holidays, I figured I had too much time to waste, why don't I revisit the kitchen? And I mean expressing my culinary-ness beyond the norm. It has been a long time since I last tried to cook or prepare a fancy/new dish.

Before embarking on my kitchen adventure, I had already pictured the dish that I would prepare. I have to be honest, I really think it was a very mouthwatering image. So off I went. While I'm no chef material, I do know how to find my way around the kitchen and stuff, so I'm no beginner when it comes to cooking. The process wasn't long, not to mention me enjoying some 'appetizers' while waiting. So this is what I managed to produce.

Well, didn't really turned up the way I had imagined. Not even half. I guess it's just like going to those eateries where the menus have pictures of the food. So you order something that looked really attractive. When the dish arrives, it does not look as cool as the picture. Yeah, that was what happened to me last night.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa

Yesterday was the last day of school, for the month of August. It’s going to be a very normal and ordinary 1 week break for me. No plans of going anywhere, partly due to financial constraints. For the past 2 to 3 weeks, I had conducted an asset/financial restructuring operation in order to get my hands on a new earthly possession. While technically I suffered a huge loss, I finally got myself a DSLR camera. Just last week I struck a deal to purchase a Canon EOS 1000D. It was safely delivered on Monday by the Poslaju van driver. Apparently this delivery was different from the others.

Poslaju dude : “Makin lama, makin besar ah.”

It probably crossed my mind, for a split second, that I first thought he was commenting on the part of my body above the waist. You see, I was only covered in my towel about to take my shower when the Poslaju van arrived and honked.

Then he took a box and passed it on to me. Memang besar. It was a Dell Notebook box, slightly smaller than the one when I got my Dell Inspiron 2 years ago. Anyway, the unwrapping process was really special. I’ve never felt so excited/touched/emotional/________ (fill in the blank) when unwrapping a package. I guess it’s because of after all those few years of desiring to own a Dslr camera. Heck, I can honestly tell you that it even feels so much better compared to the time I went to the EON showroom to get my car. Ah, I actually intended to write about something else, but being me, it turned out different and unorganised.

I think I have just completed my wish list for 2009.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Safety First

We're definitely feeling the 'heat' of the H1N1 these days. Anyway, I guess I started something good by providing soap for the kids of my class a couple of weeks ago. A few days after that, some other classes have begun doing the same. So stay safe peoples. God bless.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Plan C...what plan C???

Okay, here's what happened. I was already typing 2 paragraphs of a new post, entering the 3rd, when I did something, which, caused everything that I had typed to disappear, forever. Feeling a little pissed, I decided to take a drive and enjoy the airconditioning in the car, at the same time go buy some supplies. On my way home, I thought of another thing to write. Upon entering my room, I moved the mouse to "wake" the laptop from its sleep mode. The dang machine didn't respond. So I had to restart it. After all that, I logged back into blogspot. Having the great memory that I have, I forgot what I had wanted to write about. So here we are, with no back up topic for the back up topic, no Plan C. I'll just probably type whatever that's crossing my apparently cluttered mind.

I have two "main" tables in my room. One for my laptop and stationery mess. The other is for my 3 in 1 printer thingy and my few toiletries, namely my perfume, deodorant and facial foam. The last time I applied facial foam would probably be the day after the Gotong Royong Perdana Sekolah Zon A thingy, sometime in June. Maybe I need to put it on later before I sleep.

I've been swearing a lot lately, in the car. I don't know if it is just me or there are more less than average drivers out there. I don't usually do that in the morning on the way to work, but I've been doing so for the past few days, since last week. It is disappointing that the targets of my foul mouth are people who are sending their children to school. While I admit it's not nice thing to do, swearing at other drivers (even if they don't know it), I only say bad stuff at those that drive stupidly. I mean, you are sending your kids to school, aren't you supposed to show them to be good road users? Also, just because you drive your huge luxury cars, it doesn't give you the right to drive like Lewis Hamilton on busy routes on a school day morning. You have no right to drive like a maniac at the expense of the safety of other road users. Screw you people. It is because if sensible and careful drivers that d**kless pea-brain people like you are still alive. Screw you.

Talking about rights. I had my lunch at a hotel's coffeehouse today. It's not as posh as you think it is okay. Food is just slightly more costly than the normal cafe. It is also a place where now and then, some group of Ah Bengs would be there as well. I guess it's a convenient place to meet up as it's adjacent to the shopping mall. I don't really care if a guy would dye his hair outrageously. Wear outfits that have awfully striking colours. Always putting on the "I'm bad" look. I don't care. What annoys me is that these people are illiterate. Yalah, siapa suruh masa skolah dolok sik mok belajar membaca. I can ask my 8 year old students what a particular sign means, and they can reply 'No Smoking' without any doubt whatsoever. But these adults who have gone through puberty, do not understand what the 'No Smoking' sign means. It's okay if they do not know how to read. But what's so difficult to comprehend when you see a picture of a cigarette and a line crossing over it at a 45 degree angle?If they had wanted to hang around, have some drinks over a few smokes, why can't they just walk over to the dozens of coffeeshops across the street. Besides being illiterate, these people are also emotionally sensitive. Touchy. A waiter might politely tell them about the no smoking policy, and they will almost definitely act like you had just flirted with their girl.

Goodness, the weather must have got to me haha.