Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's been ages!

So much to write, but so little enthusiasm and battery life. So I'll make this brief:

1. Had my first teaching observation a couple of weeks ago. Aced it! HOOAH!

2. Calderon and Real Madrid can go *$%@ themselves.

3. The Gomen or should I say ruling party has been a complete joke recently. Do they still think that we are that dumb?

4. Due to recent events that concerns me personally, and also reflects the overall situation in this country, I ask this once more, "Are we not Malaysians too?"

5. Right now we really need more schools, not new education policies and programmes. Maybe those higher ups should try teaching in classrooms that averages more than 40 kids.

6. What has Dr. SMS or Dato or whatever his title his, done for my benefit and well-being?

God bless!