Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Came across this in a blog, of a pretty popular singkaporien blogger.
In her older posts, she wrote about her history being sexually molested & harrassed on several occasions. Now that sucks, really. And its understandable for her to be highly emotional about it. I quote:

"Well some very cynical ppl may be thinking this in their heads now:
I dress up like a slut, so i deserved the molest?
To such ppl i say: If one day ur daugther/sister gets raped, will u say the same thing? Well, I would like to stress that everytime i get molest cases i was in school uniform. And besides this, even if women dress scantily, it is NO excuse to touch them. If this logic applies soon all women will be dressed like those in Pakistan. Not only it is unaesthetic, many will die of heatstroke in Singapore. "

But you get the "what the heck" question in your head when she idolises a US Marine who was accused of rape in the Phillipines. Quote:

"Fourthly, I know I sound ridiculous saying this, but Smith is totally hot. Rape is supposed to be traumatizing, but I don't see how screwing someone who looks like a hot US Marine, wait, IS a hot US marine can be so bad.
I can understand how some girls can feel all violated and disgusted when some old fat man rapes her, but Smith!"

I mean...what the heck!? It's alright, cool and super fun to be raped by a "hot" or "cute" US Marine. But when some Bangla migrant worker shows u his dick or some old guy touches you, they should be cut into pieces there and then? I just can't comprehend. So does that mean I can rape her if i'm cute? LOL. I might get some flak from her fans or whatever. But hey, if she got rights. I got my rights to say or write what i want to.

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"cute & hot" Marine

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Bangla dudes

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nothing Much

Been awhile since I last typed stuff in here. Mostly due to my laziness. And the fact that I hate Blogspot. I hate it because I can't have proper paragraphs, and posting photos is a pain in the neck...literally sometimes.
A belated Happy Chinese New Year...and Chap Goh Meh.
Okay, so I've been staying at home for the past week or so. After the short break, I went to work as usual, and got the confirmation that my services won't be needed anymore. Heck, saying that makes me feel like a mercenary, cool. Well, 3 new teachers arrived and reported for duty that Monday. And I learnt that actually I didnt have to come that day. The boss was supposed to call me, but apparently he didnt (apala bos tok!).
Wanted to see the boss to clarify the whole situation, but he was briefing the new teachers for sometime, I just hung around in the staffroom as usual, besides having what was my last breakfast there. Was sitting at the hotspot zone with my uncle's laptop, downloading stuff for him (yes,I have an uncle teaching there as well, mom's cousin) when boss and the 3 new faces entered.
After giving them a "tour", he approached me.
Boss: Hey Ben, I wanted to call you the other day, but tak sempat lah
Me: Oh, its okay (what the heck, you forgot all about me!!)
Boss: But it's good also that you are here, so you could hand over your things, lessons and brief the new teacher.
So I was introduced to the new teacher. I forgot what her name was. Very young. Probably younger than me. Fresh grad. Sweet-looking.
So I explained to her about the stuff I've done with the class, and what I had actually planned. All along she kept nodding and the frequent "Okays", and she had this look, which I could not describe. It was like, every single word I said were gold. I don't know. Just that I thought it was funny. Made me look like a soldier who's been shot at 10 times talking to an inexperienced new officer. Heck, even that metaphor doesn't describe it well.
Well the termination of my contract also meant that my masterplan goes down the drain. Not exactly I guess, just postponed. So instead of a laptop and all the other stuff, I'll be getting a digital camera.
The 'selection' process is similar to what I did before I bought my mobile phone. Created a shortlist, and did some eliminations. So now I'm down to the final 2 contenders. Canon's A630 & A710IS. Hopefully I could get my hands on my new baby by the end of this month.
PS: I think this post is rather crappy. Messy. Sums up the situation in my brain.