Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Day

I like the depiction of the photo above. On the right you see a modern 4 story block, while in the middle, the corner section, you have one of the oldest building in town. It was supposed to be demolished and form part of the new commercial block but the owner rejected the deal. So this is how it all finally ended. I also bangga because I took this photo :p

It's been a lazy blogging year. Almost the middle of the year and my blog posts for 2010 is still in single digit.

It's a humid Saturday afternoon. Had the gotong royong sempena Hari Guru thingy this morning. Kontrak the Bilik Kemahiran Hidup with Ustaz Suwardi, Aziz and Nordin.It maybe just one room, but it was alot of work. On the way home, stopped at the Plaza to get something for our Teacher's Day gift exchange on Monday. The deal was anything above RM10. I bought a stationery holder, cost RM11.90. I hope I get one on Monday, as I don't have one myself.

About 2 weeks ago, I had my interview for my lantikan into service. I was asked questions regarding school environment, problems in T&L, how I solve/attempt to solve the problems, usage of ICT in T&L. Those, I did well. Then I was asked to recite the FPN, which I did flawlessly. It was the next 2 questions that troubled me. The interviewer asked about EIC and NKRA. I guess my answers were average to say the most. Could have elaborated more on NKRA as I've done my homework on that, but don't know why I just gave a general explanation.

The staff have been playing football friendlies every Thursday for 3 weeks now. We're fortunate to have 2 new male teachers posted to our school this year, plus Suwardi has returned from his year long course. So we have enough bodies to play the game. Last Thursday however I ended up injured, had bruised ribs. Haven't been sleeping well since, although the past couple of nights have been better. It's an annoying injury to have. You can't laugh. Cough. Or even burp. It will hurt! Despite carrying that injury, I still played on Thursday, but not as goalie. Ada alasan because my injury does not permit alot of upper body movement.

Tomorrow is the 16th. My birthday. If it's not a problem for ya'll, I would love to have a Canon EF-S 18-135mm IS lens, or better still if you love me lots, an EF-S 18-200mm IS. I promise you I will use them to do good.

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